Kiteboarding Weather Conditions: How Much Wind Do You Need?

Kiteboarding Weather Conditions: How Much Wind Do You Need?

Kiteboarding needs not only the right location and the right equipment but also requires consideration of the prevailing wind and weather conditions.  Kiteboarding, unlike other water sports that rely on motors, electricity, rowers, paddles, or waves, requires the use of...

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CORE: Break The Noise - Elite Watersports

CORE: Break The Noise

Breaking through the noise into the foiling world. The infamous black and white kites that take over the sky on windy days. CORE is known for their extremely high quality kites, control bars, and the carved boards. Now they are...

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Wind Winging Lessons are Available! - Elite Watersports

Wind Winging Lessons are Available!

Wind Winging in St.Petersburg Florida This hybrid sport of kiteboarding and hydrofoiling is taking over the kitting community. In other words, people who are interested in getting out on the water but do not want a large kite attached to...

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Stylish and they stay on? - Elite Watersports

Stylish and they stay on?

2020 Mystic Swimsuit review The 2020 line for mystic had a teal theme to it with a bright geod like pattern to complement the teal. What sets these swimsuits apart from other companies is its ability to stay on even...

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What's up with Armstrong? - Elite Watersports

What's up with Armstrong?

So how did Armstrong take over the foiling world? We’re here to tell you how this brand entered the foiling world and why they are a strong brand.  It all started with a group of friends and a passion for...

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Naish Hover 127 and Foil For $1049.00 - Elite Watersports

Naish Hover 127 and Foil For $1049.00

 Hover 127 and Naish Foil Package       Wanting to get into kite foiling? Don't know what to get. Worried that you might out progress it. Choose this platform. It's gonna get you to the next level on a...

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Kook Academy - Elite Watersports

Kook Academy

The Liquid Force Kook Academy is a great source of info for anything kiteboarding. It's for all levels. We are all kooks and this playlist can help make your sessions more enjoyable. Make sure you subscribe to LF and see...

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