Trainer Kites

Getting to Know Your Trainer Kite

Using a smaller version of the kites used during your kiteboarding lessons, you’ll be able to practice building kite skills off the water and in between your lessons with our Elite Instructors. Having a Trainer Kite is very beneficial to your learning process, as it assists in building muscle memory. 

Some key points to remember when flying your trainer kite:

  1. Slow & Steady with Intention 
    1. When flying your kite for “training”, be cognizant of how an actual LEI kite is flown. The Trainer Kite is small and fast so it will be tempting to fly it like a trick-kite. While you’re in “training-mode” avoid making radical kite movements as to not teach yourself bad habits which may carry over to your use of an LEI kite. 
  2. Know the Wind Window
    1. Pairing with our first point, the Trainer Kite is fast and can easily move across the wind window with minimal effort. While training, try to avoid crossing back and forth; stay focused in one-quarter of the sphere (see below bullet) at a time.
    2. Consider the Wind Window as a half-sphere. Think of the direct overhead position as 12 o’clock and as the dividing line between the two quarters of that half sphere. From 12 o’clock down to 3 o’clock is the right-hand quarter and from 12 o’clock to 9 o’clock is the left-hand quarter. You will fly your LEI kite in these quarters of the wind window, while you’re on the water so, while you’re training, be sure to practice only in one quarter at a time as to, again, not create bad habits for yourself. 
  3. Practice Drills
    1. Use the Trainer Kite to simulate how an LEI kite will fly and pull you. Sit down and practice standing up by being pulled by the kite – this will simulate the water launch take-off of an LEI Kite. Watch the videos below for more helpful practice drills. 
  4. Have FUN!
    1. The Trainer Kite’s main purpose may be to train you for the real deal of an LEI Kite, but keep in mind that they are also excellent tools for having some fun! When you’ve switched from “training-mode” to “fun-mode”, dive into what all that little kite can do! It’s super fast, and agile, do some figure-eights or kite loops. 
    2. Have a land board or a SUP? Use the pull of the Trainer Kite to invent new ways to enjoy your other toys. The possibilities are endless and the amount of enjoyment you can experience with one of these kites is what makes it such an awesome tool. 

We hope these tips are helpful and that you’re now prepared to operate your new Trainer Kite confidently and with intention. Along with our pointers, be sure to study the videos included for some more guidance. Enjoy!


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