Whats up with the steps on Go Foil Front wings?

Whats up with the steps on Go Foil Front wings?

Why does Go Foil have steps in their front wings?

We have the answer from the man himself. Alex Aguera walks us through why his new wings have the latest and most innovated addition to his foils. Alex is not just the owner of Go Foil, he also shreds better than 90% of the hydrofoilers out there. At over 60 years old he has the background in development and experimentation to make things better on the water. Because of this hes able to go out and put the foils to their max, along with being able to decipher through his pro level team rider's inputs.

The steps in the Go Foil wings are the latest addition. Making the water stream cleaner over the wing tips allowing faster clean up and zero to no cavitation. It's incredible how it works and only you can decide for yourself. The team here at Elite Watersports are now super fans. 


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