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The Assist Plus is just as the name suggests, everything the foiling world has come to love about the original Assist, PLUS a little bit more! It's the performance model with all the bells and whistles. More power, more torque, greater efficiency, longer run times, and new user-selectable functions.


With the increased thrust and efficiency along with a 37% larger battery, the Assist Plus is perfect for heavier riders needing more power, learners, or those wanting longer sessions. The Assist Plus can be used for flatwater foiling, however, please see the additional info below for more on this!



- Foil Drive Assist Plus with stubbie cooler prop protector

- Folding Propellers 

- Motor pod with custom mast profile 

- Waterproof electronics box

- Foil Drive Assist PLUS 12ah 28.8v Battery

- Wireless throttle controller with custom paddle mount (Left or Right) and wrist floaty

- 110-240v Battery Charger (US Plug - Please make a note ) with Lipo Safe Charge/Storage bag

- Wireless induction charger for controller

- 3M Dual Lock adhesive fasteners for mounting electronics box to board

- 3M adhesive-backed Board Cable Guide for securing the motor wire to board

- Mast Cable Guide for securing the motor cable to trailing edge of mast. For low mounting of the motor for e-foiling

- M3 x 2.5mm hex driver

- Spare folding propeller blades (x2) Note: If upgrading to Alloy props, spare props aren't included

- Spare bolts (inside driver handle)

- Reusable zip tie


Foil Drive Assist Plus is not designed to be used on a Prone or Tow style, low volume Foil Boards. Due to the wireless connection, the box must remain above the waterline during usage.


Install weight: 3.7kg

Operating Voltage: 28-32v

Max Thrust: 24.5kg

Runtime: 30min-3hrs depending on throttle usage and other variables (Surf Session 2-3hrs appx.)

Recharge time: Appx. 2hrs

Install time: 10mins

 Choosing the Cable Length

Due to the different styles, shapes, and dimensions of boards, it's necessary to measure the cable distance between the motor and the desired location of the electronics box.

Why is DG Shipping Expensive?

Due to the size of the energy rating of the Lithium-Ion Battery, the shipment is subject to Class 9 Dangerous Goods shipping and handling fees. Unfortunately, this is something we cannot avoid due to international air freight legislation. 

We have worked hard to find the most cost-effective solution for shipping DG goods internationally and have ended up with FedEx International Priority services. 

Warranty and Support

Foil Drive products come standard with an Australian 1-year manufacturer's warranty against defects. 

 >>> CALL FOR AVAILABILITY 727-800-2202 <<<

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