E-Foiling in St.Petersburg FL

E-Foiling in St.Petersburg FL

Come E-Foiling in St.Pete!

After seeing these flying surfboards you may be asking yourself: where can I rent an e foil near me? We can help you find the best location to e-foil and the best place to rent  e-foils here in Florida! 

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The flying surfboards also known as electric hydrofoil or efoil for short are a new water toy. The brand is called Flite Board and they are manufactured in New Zealand and Australia. However, there is a location in St. Petersburg Florida that does lessons and rentals, purchases, and a full service shop for the boards. Elite Watersports is known for bringing e foils to Tampa Bay starting back in 2018 and Flite Boards in 2019. Now that we have established where you can rent an efoil near you here is some information about the e foil. 

The electric hydrofoil is run by a large battery held in the board itself with an airtight seal. A major factor that separates the Flite Board from other e foil brands is the design of the board. Unlike other boards the cooling system for the battery is air locked so there is no water running to the battery to cool it down. This helps to prevent further corrosion and problems down the line. Moving our way down the mast and to the fuselage and propeller. Flite boards designed their fuselage attachment to be integrated with the propeller not separate. This gives you a couple extra inches on your mast. Having the propeller above the fuselage decreases the amount of space you have to get in the air. Now you may be thinking what is a few inches going to do? Well having this extra space especially when learning will help prevent your board from joining the rodeo. What we mean by that is the board will dip down then back up like it's a bucking horse. 

Renting an e foil is a lot of fun and perfect to do with friends and family. The learning curve is short when you are out on a lesson with our trained instructors. The importance of an instructor is to not only help you learn about the board but the easiest way to get up and foiling. Over the course of around four years and many lessons later, we have found a foolproof way of teaching people how to efoil. After your lesson of learning how to efoil we can take you out touring different parts of St. Petersburg. 

Here are the best places to do an e foil rental or lesson here in St. Petersburg Florida

  • Start out learning by the skyway bridge over on the East side. There are less things to run into, less people, no boats, and deeper water.
  • Crisp Park is a beautiful spot to go in and out of the canals exploring. However, we recommend that you are able to turn well and are confident going in smaller areas.
  • Pass a Grille Beach is another great spot when the water is calm. With this spot you have to stay out of the swim zone. On the other hand, its perfect to get a feel for some wave riding and a little chop. This area is for more advanced riders or someone wanting more of a challenge on their larger board. 
  • St.Petersburg Pier is another great spot to see the city from a different perspective. Watching the people out on the pier listening to Tampa Bay Watches lesson on marine life or enjoying some food at the tiki. 
  • North Shore park over by the sand volleyball courts. Depending on the tide you might have to walk pretty far out to get to where you can ride. However, you should always ask either a local or check the satellite map to see where the sand bars are. When you’re riding, shallow water can creep up on you pretty quick.

Join us out on the water with your friends and family! This is an experience that you will never forget and who knows, you might find a new passion for watersports.

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