Pre-owned and Demo Foil Boards

Used Foil Boards in St. Petersburg, FL

Buying used foil boards is an affordable option that can help you get a high-quality ride for your next watersport session. At Elite Watersports, we have demo and used lift foils for sale in St. Pete from several brands, allowing you to access products that improve your experience.

What Are Used Foil Boards?

A foil board looks like a surfboard with a hydrofoil — a fin that has wings — that lies below and goes into the water. This design helps the board sit above the water, meaning the rider is in the air while moving. Foil boards are used in multiple watersports, including e-foiling and hydrofoiling.

While we carry new foil boards, we also offer a pre-owned selection so you can purchase a well-maintained board at an affordable price. You may find we have brands like Core Kiteboarding, Armstrong, Slingshot and North.

Additional Information

At Elite Watersports, we only accept pre-owned foil boards in good condition. We inspect all of our used boards to ensure they're in the best possible shape before you take them out on the water. Check out Elite Watersports' selection of gently used and demo foil boards today.

Where Can You Buy a Used Foil Board in Tampa Bay?

Trust Elite Watersports to help you find used foil boards from numerous brands at prices you can afford. We also offer other used gear, equipment and new items and lessons. If you need your equipment repaired, we can do that at our store. Shop our used boards online or visit our store today!

Slingshot Dwarf Craft Used
Slingshot Dwarf Craft Used
Sold out

Slingshot Dwarf Craft Used


Slingshot Dwarf Craft  Used Slingshot Dwarf Craft foil board. Size is 4'6" X 18" X 2 1/4".

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