Can You Rent a Onewheel?

Can You Rent a Onewheel?

Can you rent a Onewheel?

Yes you can rent a onewheel for a half day or full day of fun and adventure. Renting a onewheel is perfect for anyone who is visiting the St.Petersburg area, wanting to try one, or an experience to share with a friend. When you rent a onewheel we highly recommend taking them to explore downtown St.Petersburg. Along Beach Drive there is a park with grass making it easier to learn on. Once you have gained confidence and some practice on the board move to riding it on the sidewalk. 

Half day onewheel rental

If you do the half day rental we recommend calling in advance to schedule the rental in the morning. This way you have a better chance of getting the board you want and can rent multiple. If you plan it in advance it is a great way to do something with your friends and family. When you arrive to pick up the rental they will go through a demonstration of how to use the board and safety. Then, we recommend that you download the onewheel app to track your battery and change the mode if needed. It is also cool to see where you went if you look at the map on the app.

Can you rent a onewheel | Elite Watersports

Full day onwheel rental

With the full day rental you have more time to explore more places and get the hang of how to ride one. The full day rental is also nice because you get the charger when you pick up the board. If you want to explore in the morning you can go for a ride then take a break, charge up the board, and go back out again. We highly recommend this rental if you are interested in purchasing a onewheel. If you rent a onewheel then purchase one from Elite Watersports then your rental fee will be waived! Another way you can take advantage of a full day rental is if your friend already has one and you both want to ride around for the day. 

Onewheel Rental options

You can either rent the Onewheel pint, Pint x, XR or the GT. They try to typically have one of each for a rental however, sometimes people will purchase them after the rental. Give Elite Watersports a call before coming in to see what they have available and if you can reserve a rental. 

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