How to set up your kiteboarding gear

How to set up your kiteboarding gear

How to set up your kiteboarding gear

Set up and break down

       Your very first lesson you'll learn the ins and outs of setting up your equipment. This process takes practice to create repetition and a pattern. Doing so will help get you on the water much faster. Choose the right size kite by going out to the beach an inspecting the conditions. Sometimes the forecast lies so alway bring every kite and board you have so you will always be prepared. Pumping your kite up is easy. With a couple key pointer you can be done within a couple minutes and look like a pro. This is the time you get to stretch out those muscles and speed up your heart rate. Stretching your lines out in an orderly fashion will help relieve some headaches and make life as a kiter easy. When it's all said and done you need to pack it all down. With so many variations to do this, follow our lead on what works best.  Learning how to kiteboard can be easy with our guidance. Feel free to call the shop anytime. 7278002202

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