All You Need to Know About Wind Winging

All You Need to Know About Wind Winging

Wind winging is revolutionary in the field of water sports, and it is growing continuously. If you ask any kiter who is wind winging, most of them will end up saying that it is their new passion.

At this point, you probably have started to wonder, what is so special about wind winging? Well, for starters, wind winging is a modern style of prone surfing and windsurfing. Wind winging, combines both elements of prone surfing and windsurfing without the mast. The wing is the modern windsurfing sail and boom attachment to the board. In other words, the wing has more mobility and autonomy to the user. Sprinkle a smaller kite, a larger foil board, and the concept of prone foiling in waves and you have wind winging. If you are a kiter, foiler, or someone who wants to get on the water without the hassle of a kite; this sport is for you. With that being said, check out the rest of the blog, to see if wind winging is the right sport for you.

All You Need to Know About Wind Winging

What Exactly is Wind Winging?

Wind Winging is a water sport, and it is becoming more and more popular. It incorporates a inflatable wing and large board with a hydrofoil underneath. The concept of wind winging is straightforward! It is a variation of a wing in your hand that produces momentum and air pressure. The foil is essentially a wing that is attached to the underside of your board. When it reaches a certain speed, it creates lift allowing the board to soar above water. From that point on, you are foiling, or more accurately, wind-winging or wind foiling.

Role of The Wing

The cross between sail and kite is a wing. It has a wide, inflatable edge and usually a flaking strut over the middle, with handles attached to it. The wing is made of the same material as kitesurfing kites, making the wing very light and easy to navigate.

How Much Time Is Required To Pump The Wing?

Less than a minute! You are going to be able to inflate the wing super fast, allowing you to get out on the water in no time. Also, it would help if you had a kitesurfing pump with a suitable valve adaptor for the wing. The valves vary brand-by-brand, so make sure to get the right one!

All You Need to Know About Wind Winging

Size And Range of The Wing

Wings are available in 3.5m, 4.2m, 5m, 6m, and 7m sizes. Finding the right size wing for your location all depends on your weight and the amount of wind you have. The less amount of wind the larger the wing you need and the more wind you have the smaller wing you need. In general, lighter riders need a smaller wing size, while heavier riders need a larger wing size. As for wing range, it all depends on experience and wing size. It is recommended to have 15-20 knots of wind if you are just starting out. With more experience comes more diversified conditions such as higher wind speed, wind directions, and size of wave. 

Learning Wind Winging

Wind winging is a new sport requiring lessons to help create a solid foundation . In order to promote effective and safe learning, you should seek lessons from your local shop. Here in St.Petersburg Florida, Elite Watersports can get you up and riding in no time.

Who to Choose?

Elite Watersports! There's no better company when it comes to learning new watersports than us. We have years of experience in all things water sports and we have all the necessary gear needed for every kind of water sport training.

Why choose Elite Watersports?

We have customized wind winging packages that provide optimum performance and usability. Looking for lessons? We have the following features in our lessons:

  • All necessary equipment is available.
  • Jet-ski assistance.
  • Professional coaching.
  • A strong passion for spreading the stoke..

With that being said, wind winging is capturing the hearts of both kiteboarders and windsurfers. Make sure to start your journey on wind winging today by signing up for wind winging lessons. Elite Watersports is here to help you. 

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