Where can I get a Onewheel GT?

Where can I get a Onewheel GT?

Everything you Need to Know About the Onewheel GT.

Everything you need and want to know about the all new Onewheel GT.

The Onewheel GT is a huge upgrade from the XR model. With a top speed of 20mph and a range of 20-30 miles you will be riding into the night. Here are some awesome new features that they added.

 Where can I get a onewheel | Elite Watersports | Onewheel near me

    • The all new concave footpads with upgraded grip tape on them make for a stable ride. With high speed you need a stable and comfortable ride. They increase the stability with a new custom tire that you can upgrade to a treaded tire for more traction. This model is perfect for your off roading trips. 
  • Ride all day on a single charge! Time does fly when you are having fun which is why the upgraded battery is a game changer. With the increased feeling of the board and stability with the new tire you can carve for days. 

    Where can I rent the Onewheel GT?

    Onwheel GT near me | Elite Watersports | onewheel gt

    You can rent one with your local dealer Elite Watersports! They have the option for you to rent for a half or full day. If you are visiting the St.Petersburg area and want to reserve a rental they have that option as well. Just give their shop a call and they will help you set up a rental for the Onewheel GT, pint, pintx and XR. Here are some spots that we recommend with lots of space to ride.

      • Fort Desoto Park: Our go to location for learning how to onewheel with a lot of space to ride. Take your friends or go by yourself on the trails throughout the park. Don’t forget to stop by the dog park and say hi to all the dogs. 
      • North Shore Park: This a great place to learn in the grass, ride on the sidewalk, then carve your way around through the park. North Shore park is located right along the water with sand volleyball courts, outdoor gym, tennis courts, and a running path. Get the best of both worlds riding by the water while seeing downtown St.Petersburg. 
  • Downtown St.Petersburg: Another really great thing St.Petersburg is known for is the murals. Ride around town to see all of the beautiful and abstract murals and stop for lunch along the way. There are plenty of amazing places to eat throughout Central Ave and you don’t have to worry about parking. 

    Where can I buy a Onewheel GT?

    Simple! You can pick one up at Elite Watersports located in St.Petersburg Florida. They regularly have them in stock ready for pickup. There are also a lot of really great spots to ride your new Onewheel GT downtown and in parks. We also recommend purchasing a onewheel helmet and wrist guards to keep your head safe while riding. Also if you did a full or half day rental that money spent will go towards your new onewheel purchase if you decide to buy one. You can even customize your ride with all the different color fenders, rail guards, and other accessories. 

    onewheel Gt near me | Elite Watersports | everything you need to know about the onewheel gt


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