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Things to do in St. Petersburg Florida during spring break

Things to do in St. Pete during spring break 

 St. Petersburg, FL is a hidden gem with its beaches, downtown, and unique culture. If you are planning on coming to St. Petersburg Florida for spring break then here are some things to do. We of course recommend doing something on the water especially if you are coming from somewhere cold. Now is your chance to take advantage of the sunshine and the beautiful ocean. 


What is Wing Winging?

  Wind winging became a mainstream sport about two to three years ago and has taken over kiters' hearts world wide. It’s as if someone who liked both windsurfing and kiteboarding combined the two sports to make wind winging. The wing itself uses the same canopy material as the kites and it uses bladders like the kite does. They then took the windsurfing board and modified it to also be a sup foil board. With that being said, the boards all come in different sizes and shapes depending on where you are winging and your skill level.


Wind Wing Lessons

  What does a wind wing lesson entail? Winging combines multiple watersports to be an exhilarating, yet challenging sport. We like to break it all down into sections of instruction to allow your body to gain muscle memory and transfer skills in a sensible way. You will learn the fundamentals of Wing handling and body position, take on the foiling challenge, then wrap it all together on a solid windy day. 


What can I do with Wind Winging?

  If you are headed back north you can continue to wing on the lake in the winter! No you will not need a dry suit but you will need a pair of skates, wind, wing, frozen over lake. That’s right you can wind ding across your frozen lake with the wind powering the wing. When the ice melts and spring is in the air you can take your skateboard or longboard and wind wing with that as well.

Things to do in St. Petersburg FL | Elite Watersports

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