Our Repair Shop

    We offer an assortment of repair options. Each repair job is unique and as such, will require pricing specific for it. Call us for a quote (727) 800-2202 or bring your item(s) into the shop and have our repair-techs assess the damage. If you are out of state send us an email with pictures of the damage and we will give you a quote.
     Our passion for all things watersports carries over into our repair shop. We know you’re bummed that your kite or board is temporarily out of commission, so we make it a priority to fix them and get you back on the water as soon as possible!

elite repair center
kiteboard repair

Rips, Tears and Bladder Replacements

We have been repairing kites since 2009. All size projects. We will mend your kite back to OEM standards by replacing panels where the fabric has torn If it's bladders we will diagnose where the problem is. Then advise what is needed  with an estimate of cost. We will not repair bladders we only replace them.

Kiteboard Repair

Cracked in half boards won't be repairable, but everything else can be. From dings to deep scratches we can put your board back together. We typically need anywhere from 1-7 days to finish a repair right. We use all the right epoxy and either carbon or glass. Color match is usually close and some repairs are unnoticeable. Every board is different.

We can offer you free or discounted shipping to our shop by providing you with a label. You pack it, we pay for it to be delivered.

Materials We Use

      We have teamed up with all of our brands and are able to offer all types of materials used in the industry of kiteboarding. From Leading edge materials bladders and canopies. The rip or tear area is removed and a new panel is put back in place. Double sided tape and then sew is our process. All repaired kites are stretched out and sometimes inflated to make sure the repaired area matches symmetrically. We don't want any wrinkles in the canopy. Most to all kite will fly like they originally did before the damage occurred.

Single, Double and triple ripstop.

The materials we use on the canopies come straight from the source of where the kite was originally made. We try our best to match the colors. Some intricate patterns are not able to match but we do our best.

Dacron for Leading and Trailing Edge.

Our industry uses Dacron and other thicker fabrics to stiffen leading edges and key wear points. 


Most bladder replacements are done in house. If we have a delaminated valve we suggest replacing the bladder with a new one that has a new valve welded on. This will give peace of mind that it won't fail for years to come. We outsource bladder replacement and then we install. 

Need a repair? Fill out the information below. Or call us at (727)800-2202