Where Can I Buy The Onewheel Pint X?

Where Can I Buy The Onewheel Pint X?

Everything you need to know about the Onewheel Pint X

Onewheel’s original rides were the pint and the xr. The pint was made for city life travel making it easier than a bike and faster than a skateboard. Whereas the XR model was for more adventurous riders. The XR was faster, bigger, and had better mileage allowing you to go off-roading. However, now with the all new Pint X you can have the best of both worlds without the cost. Here are some reasons why the Pint X is the best way to explore your city.

Onewheel Pint X | Elite Watersports

The Pint X has a top speed of 18 miles per hour which is two miles more than the pint. You might be asking yourself how much of an effect two miles have on my overall ride time? Well my friend, your overall radius has now expanded. The increased speed allows you to explore more without having to worry about the short battery life the original pint had. Another way to think of the Pint x is a smaller version of the onewheel XR. The Pint x now has the light bar that is on the front of the onewheel xr. You are no longer limited to where you can take and ride your onewheel. 

Where can I buy the onewheel Pint X?

 Simple! You can pick one up at Elite Watersports located in St.Petersburg Florida. They regularly have them in stock ready for pickup. There are also a lot of really great spots to ride your new onewheel pint x downtown and in parks. We also recommend purchasing a Onewheel helmet and wrist guards to keep your head safe while riding.

  • Vinoy Park: If you have not ridden a onewheel before we recommend trying it in a grassy area first. Practice how to safely get on and off of the onewheel and your balance. 
  • Fort. Desoto Park: Located in tierra verde this park has many different areas for you to choose from. This park is perfect for when you're feeling confident in the grass and wanting to advance to the pavement. Follow along the bike trail to see some native Florida wildlife.
  • Downtown St.Pete: Beach Dr. is a beautiful spot to see the city and the marina. You can ride them along the sea wall and maybe see some dolphins or manatees. However, if you are still not the best rider we recommend that you are careful not to fall and send the onewheel over the seawall into the ocean. 
Onewheel Pint X | Elite Watersports

Where can I rent a onewheel Pint X?

If you are not ready to make the jump to purchasing a Onewheel Elite Watersports offers half and full day rentals. Call the shop in advance to schedule a rental or walk in and see if they have any available for rental. You can try the onewheel Pint x, onwheel pint, XR, and the new GT. This is a perfect opportunity to try before you buy! You can also rent them out for the day to explore the city with friends and family. 

  • Half Day Onewheel Rentals: For the half day rentals you can either come in right when they open at 10am or by 2pm. You will take the onewheel with its charger to ride but it has to be returned before closing.
  • Full Day Onewheel Rentals: Pick up can be anytime throughout the day but must be returned the following day at the same time. We recommend this option if you have friends and family with you. This way you can have more time riding them and exploring the City of St.Petersburg. 

Where can I rent the onewheel pintx | Onewheel Pint X | Elite Watersports

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