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How much are Onewheels?

How much are Onewheels?

Onewheel’s are a great way to get around town, explore the city, and off road in nature near you. They have two different models that can achieve both activities catering to your inner desire for adventure. 

How much is the Onewheel Pint X 

The Onewheel Pint X can travel around twelve to eighteen miles with speed maxing out at eighteen miles per hour. The Pint X is more compact and perfect for your commute to work, exploring the city, and grabbing groceries. The handle on the side makes it easier to carry in and out of buildings or up stairs. If you are purchasing a brand new Pint X you can expect to spend a minimum of $1,400. Your price will increase if you buy a fender, rail guards, stand, and any other accessories. We highly recommend getting a fender first because it will protect you from getting any debris hitting you. If you are unsure on getting a onewheel and want to try it out before making the purchase give Elite Watersports a call. We do half day and full day Onewheel rentals. Before going out on one we will also show you how to ride it and how to dismount safely. The introduction on how the onewheel operates and the best way to learn how to ride it will make your overall experience better.  

How much is the Onewheel GT

The Onwheel GT can travel around twenty and up to thirty-two miles. The top speed for the GT is twenty miles per hour. The footpads on the GT are wider and thicker than the pint x to provide more stability and a longer battery life. The wheel is also larger on the GT with the option of adding tread for your off roading expedition. We would recommend this model to anyone who is wanting to ride on the beach, desert, and trail riding in the woods. Ultimately they revamped the original XR model to do more and handle more. If you are looking to purchase a new Onewheel GT the bare minimum cost is $2,200. The price will increase if you upgrade to the treaded tire, add a fender, rail guards, and other accessories. We highly highly recommend getting a fender for the GT. With the increased power and maneuverability you will need protection from the debris coming up. There is also a handle on the side similar to the one on the Pint X. Originally the handle was integrated within the front pad of the XR. If you are debating on purchasing the GT or want to compare it to the Pint X give Elite Watersports a call. We offer half day and full day onewheel rentals for both the Pint X and the GT model. 

Where to buy a Onewheel

Stop by the shop over at Elite Watersports to pick up a Pint X, Pint, XR, and the new GT. We also have fenders and rail guards for you to fully customize your new ride. Never forget about your safety! We also have the onewheel helmet that has the theft proof lock.

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