Elite Watersports 
Located in St. Petersburg FL

Elite Watersports is located in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. Stop by the shop to see our watersports inventory that is growing with amazing new products coming in daily. 

If you are taking lessons with us in the Tampa Bay area, our shop is a short 10 minute ride from most of our teaching locations.

We stock a huge selection of boards, kites, wind wings, eFoils, accessories, and more. We have a team of professionals staffing our shop who are equipped to answer all of your questions and help you find the equipment for your watersport experience. 

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A Fleet of Vehicles for Maximum Demos & Lessons

As Tampa Bay's top watersport shop, we are equipped with a full fleet to equip our packed schedule of demos and lessons. With our fleet of equipment, we are always out and about in the St. Pete area. At Elite Watersports, our passion for teaching and bringing people into watersports is what drives us. We encourage you to check in and see if we have something new for you to try! Whether it be kiteboarding, wing foiling or efoiling... we have it all! Try something new with Elite Watersports. 

Full-Service Watersport Shop in St. Pete, FL

Being the only full-service watersport shop in St. Pete, FL- we are ready for you! Visit our shop today! We love to meet our Elite Watersports family. 

Elite Watersports - Family Owned and Operated

Elite Watersports is the premier watersport store and lesson center on the West coast of Florida, and we are proud to say that we are family owned and operated. This helps us keep track of the details and not lose sight of our mission.

Elite Watersports has been in business since 2009; first starting as a husband and wife duo doing repairs and lessons, and now having grown into a 15+ team member company offering a range of services and lessons, in addition to a full line of products.

Through the years we have learned a lot and our love for watersports has grown. We view each team member and customer as our family. Book a lesson, visit the shop and become a part of the Elite Watersports family. 

What's in Stock?

Lined with all the best watersports gear, Elite Watersports stocks all the essentials needed to have a great day on the water. Kiteboarding, wind winging, efoiling, and hydrofoiling gear includes kites, control bars, harnesses, foils, and boards. We also stock Rainbow sandals, SunBum, Peppers sunglasses, swimsuits, boardshorts, wakeboards, and more! Swing on through and we can show you what is new and exciting.  


Foil Boards and Twin Tips

Every board is different. Let us walk you through what makes them different and why. We will help you make the best decision for the ride you desire. 

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100+ Harnesses 

Harnesses are like shoes so we have many in stock. That way, you can try them on and see what fits best. With our kiteboarding simulator you can hang back and test them out.

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Kites and Bars

300+ kites in stock. Our brands: Core, North, Ozone, Airush, and Naish.  Along with trade-ins and used demo gear.

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What We Do

Repair Center

Our team is trained to repair all brands of kites. We also do custom control bar tuning and rebuilding. Sewing of the smallest rips to the biggest tears. We can also do full bladder replacements if you spring a leak. 

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Professional Advice 

Our team is composed of kiters. We go out daily and try the gear so that we have real, hands-on experience with the products. We have all been in the watersports industry for the majority of our lives and only want to spread our knowledge.

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Competitions and Regattas

Elite Watersports host huge events. Big air competitions, foil regattas, and beach clean ups. We support our local community in huge ways.  

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