Hydrofoil Lessons

St. Petersburg – Tampa – Tarpon Springs – Sarasota

Our Elite instructors will guide you through this amazing sport. Be apart of the fastest trend in watersports. Seek the feeling that everyone is talking about. Challenge yourself with something you have never done before.  

We offer lessons 7 days a week!


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Hydrofoil Lessons with Elite Watersports
Hydrofoil behind a boat in St Petersburg
Learn to hydrofoil behind a kite in St Petersburg Florida
Learn to eFoil in St Petersburg Florida

Behind a boat or jet ski

We teach you how to foil behind a jet ski before a boat. This makes the lesson efficient. You must have been pulled on a ski or wakeboard prior to trying a foil board. $110.00/hr
Hydrofoiling behind a boat is catching on fast. With only a few sessions you'll be able to let go of the rope and ride the wave. We ask that you first learn behind a jet ski before booking this option. You are charting the boat for up to 6 people and the session last up to 4 hours. A cooler full of ice is provided. $600.00 for 4 hours

Behind a kite

Foiling is the fastest growing trend in the sport of kiteboarding and it’s the best option for anyone looking to salvage those light-wind days of the summer. We offer lessons to all skill levels; as long as you’re already a capable, independent kiter behind a twin tip, you can take foil lessons. If you have been pulled up behind a boat for skiing or wakeboarding we start your lesson with foil board skills behind a jet ski. This gives you the feeling of the board before we put you behind a kite. If you don't have a wakeboarding background we will start with the kite. As you ride along, our Elite Instructor will follow you closely to continue giving tips and advice by jet ski. In most cases within the first lesson we will have you riding up wind.  $110.00/hr

eFoil- Electric powered foils.

A true engineering marvel. The eFoil allows you to explore the waters while flying above them. Electrically driven and controlled by a bluetooth hand held unit. You'll be able to hit speeds up to 25 MPH in silence. We are proud to offer such an amazing way to fly. For pricing and lessons lay out click on eFoil main page button below. 

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