Kiteboarding St.Petersburg

Kiteboarding St.Petersburg

Kiteboarding Lessons St.Petersburg FL

Visiting the St.Petersburg area and wanting something adventurous to do?

Come learn how to kitesurf in St.Petersburg FL! Not many people realize how amazing it is to Kiteboard in St.Petersburg. With the Skyway Bridge you are able to kite in any wind direction on the North side of the bridge. There is a little island with direct beach access and space to launch and land your kite. The water is butter flat smooth perfect for learning and freestyle riding. There are all levels of riders who regularly kite at the skyway bridge. If you are looking for kiteboarding lessons in St.Petersburg we highly recommend calling Elite Watersports. They do kiteboarding lessons every day from sunrise to sunset. If it’s blowin’ they’re goin’ and they are not wrong about that! 

  • When is a good time to take Kiteboarding Lessons in St.Petersburg? Anytime between October all the way through May and into June. That is the windy season here in St.Petersburg and perfect time to take lessons and get self sufficient. 
  • Is it hard to learn how to kiteboard in St.Petersburg? It is the best place to learn! There are sand bars protecting the north side of the skyway bridge. This gives us butter flat shallow water making it easy to learn. It is much more enjoyable to learn when you do not have waves crashing into you and can stand up whenever you want. 
  • Where can I kiteboard in St.Petersburg? There are plenty of spots to kite here in St.Petersburg such as: Fort Desoto Park, North Shore, North Beach and East Beach Fort Desoto to name a few.

However, if you are learning or new to the area we recommend kiting at the Skyway Bridge first. There are some rules and regulations when kiting at Fort Desoto Park and directly off of St.Pete Beach. If you have any questions as to where you should kite and what the wind is like feel free to call Elite Watersports. They are your one stop shop for all things kiteboarding, hydrofoiling, wind winging, and more. 

Kiteboarding Lessons St.Petersburg FL | Elite Watersports

Kiteboarding St.Petersburg is the best place to feel as though you are in the Bahamas without the travel. Especially if you are kiting at North Beach Fort Desoto in the correct wind direction. Another great thing about learning and kiting in St.Petersburg is the community. Everyone is very welcoming and eager to meet new people joining the sport or visiting. The stoke is always high when taking kiteboarding lessons in St.Pete. 

kiteboarding lessons St. Petersburg | Elite Watersports | kitesurfing lessons st.pete
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