Kiteboarding Lessons

How to get started

Your Kitesurfing Journey 

You and kiteboarding lessons can be a reality. We get it, you may be nervous about trying a new “extreme” sport. However, with our expertise and professional instruction, you can rest assured that kiteboarding is for YOU!!

Fast and safe approach

Industry leading structured lesson approach


Set Up Rigging Safety
And Theory

Designed to give you the fundamentals that set a solid foundation of proper technique. Giving you the proper vision of what's about to be taught throughout your lessons. Safety is key and you'll know exactly how to properly use the eject system. Est:30-45 minutes on beach depending on the amount of details.


Beginner And Intermediate Kite Controls

Flying the kite is the most important part. We will start with standing in waist deep water using two hands and flying the kite gracefully throughout the wind window. Once mastered we will move to one handed flying. One handed flying will be needed for all steps moving forward, body drags, walking with board and riding.


Advanced Kite Control And Body Drags

Learn to power stoke the kite while traveling through the water. The power stroke is what gets you up on the board. Two handed body dragging is for going downwind and one handed is for crosswind travel. You must be able to control the kite with one hand while body dragging crosswind to retrieve your lost board in water deeper than your shoulders. Losing a board in deep water is the most intimidating hurtle for beginners.


Waterstarts, Short Rides And Controlled Stops

Putting all that we have taught you together and now using the board. Standing up on the board for your first rides is super motivating. We strive to emphasize that short rides will improve your skill much faster than long. We are looking for multiple water starts with controlled stops so as not to lose control of the board and possibly crash the kite. Repetition is key to success!


Advanced Kite Control And Body Drags

Once able to control your speed while riding on the board. You'll quickly discover you can ride anywhere you want. Our first goal at this level is to ride upwind and stay upwind. The ultimate is to be able to ride far upwind and then back downwind to the beach. One handed riding will help you do this.

The Elite difference

Why go with us

18,000 hours of lesson in Tampa Bay

Our Team has proudly taught over 18000 hours of lessons in Tampa Bay along with 1000s of hours around the world. We are passionate about making every student get a one on one experience. This helps lead them to a more successful lesson.

Certified Instructors 

Our Instructors have many years of training within the watersports industry. All instructors are trained before hiring to meet standards and uniformed teaching strategies. 

Jetski Assistance

Number one thing when choosing the right kiteboarding lessons company is DON’T learn without jetski support. Using a jet ski saves valuable tie to your kiteboarding lessons by making it more efficient and effective. There are some points in your progression where strategically the jet ski may not be used. This is up to your instructor and the jet ski charge will not be applied. 

Full Shop support

We are your one stop for all things kiteboarding. Much after your final kitesurfing lessons with us we will be on the beach and at the shop to support you. Our instructors will always be there for you on the beach. The shop is open 7 days a week with a full staff that are addicted to all things related to water. You're in good hands. We also do repairs, from sewing to bladder repairs.