Benefits of Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding benefits each individual differently,
it gives more than that adrenaline rush people craves; it provides the physical, mental, and social benefits most people are missing in their daily lives. Give kiteboarding a shot and give your body the attention it needs inside and out! 

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Build Toned Muscle: Full-Body Workout

~Strengthening of your abdominal region through lifting and twisting maneuvers helps create a slim, flat stomach. The more advanced moves, the greater the abductors work and the more you will see results. An etched six-pack is absolutely achievable!

~Whole-arm muscle workout; from your hand muscles building due to holding the kiteboarding bar, the forearm muscles bulking from twisting and maneuvering your bar, to your biceps and shoulders toning as you hold the kite down during moves.

~Strong, fit legs are an added bonus. Boarding skills go hand-in-hand with working out your legs. 

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Weight Control and Trimmed Figure

Paired with the benefits of a full-body workout, kiteboarding is also an aerobic- and resistance-focused sport.

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Brain Game

~Increased concentration while on the water is a feature that comes naturally with kiteboarding as the rider must keep their mind focused on more than one thing at one; kite, board, bar, waves, fellow riders nearby.

~Coordination is also a benefit gained when you begin to kiteboard; multitasking is key to a successful session on the water. 

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Your balance will improve as a result from riding your kiteboard.

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~Kiteboarding is an extreme sport and kiters experience frequent rushes of adrenaline, which reduces stress levels.

~Less stress equals better quality of life, and a greater feeling of wellness.

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Immune Booster

Along with the release of adrenaline, your body will also release endorphins which helps boost your immune system.

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Reaction and Reflexes

Navigation and coordinating your jumps in kiteboarding requires quick reaction time and tuned reflexes to anticipate your safety while on the water.

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Environmental Presence

~Kiteboarding brings the rider closer to Mother Nature and helps foster respect for the ocean waters and animals within it.

~Being out on the water or spending time on the beach in between sessions offers a sense of “relaxation-mode”; breathing in fresh air and soaking in the sunshine. 

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Community Connections

~Kiteboarding is the fastest growing sport in the World. The more kiteboarding grows, the more opportunities riders have to connect with fellow riders.

~Passionate kiters love to talk about their sport and spend time with fellow riders; communities of kiteboarders are popping up everywhere. Spread the stoke!!

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New Experiences

~Kiteboarding offers you the chance to experience new feelings and places.

~Traveling the world to kite new destinations.

~Once you’ve learned how to “boost” or jump, you begin experiencing new sensations, like the feeling of flying!

Enjoy life more... learn to kiteboard!!!

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