What Every New Kiteboarding Student Should Know

 Nearly every time you cross over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, you have seen those bright colored kites, up in the sky, flying back and forth. Occasionally, you will catch someone attached to the kite come flying out of the water, float through the air, and then land softly like they’re coming down on a cloud. “Wow,” you think. “Those guys must be crazy.” “Sure looks like fun though”. Before you know it, you’re over the bridge and moving on with your day. Well, if you’re reading this, you are one of the few people who has taken the next step and is dipping your toes into the pool that is kiteboarding; the fastest growing sport in the world. You are venturing of out your comfort zone and are thinking about trying something new and totally different. Or maybe you have some experience in sailing or other board sports and want to broaden your horizons. Well, either way, here are 5 things that every new kiteboarding student should know:

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Tip #1 – You are not going to fly away out into the ocean or into a building hotel 

Though this is probably what you have seen on the news or YouTube, this is not what happens to new kiteboarding students (as long as you read the rest of this list)! Obviously, bad things can happen but the videos that most people see are experienced riders who made serious mistakes or people who did not use ANY common sense.

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Tip #2 – You are not holding on for dear life

When you see someone who is kiteboarding, it sort of looks like the only thing connecting them to the kite is a bar that they are holding on to for dear life. This is simply NOT true. If you look even closer, a kiteboarder has a harness on that connects him or her to the kite. The bar that their hand controls are simply for steering. You do NOT have to be an Olympic athlete to kiteboard!

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Tip #3 – Getting professional lessons is paramount

With some sports, it is possible to watch a few YouTube videos, buy some used equipment and go out and figure out what to do. With kiteboarding, however, this is highly ill-advised. You have obviously made it part of the way through my list (good job!) and this is the part how you avoid any large buildings or flying to Mexico unintentionally. Find reputable, professional instructors with a solid track record who can teach you safe practices, proper equipment set-up and break down and techniques that will allow you to progress in the sport of kiteboarding! Check out Elite Watersports http://www.elitewatersports.com/kiteboarding-lessons/

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Tip #4 – Don’t give up!

As with anything in life worth doing, kiteboarding WILL be challenging at times. It will test your patience and leave you irritated at times. Though this can be reduced by seeking professional help, however, some aggravation is inevitable. I tell you this because if you know that going in, you can remind yourself that it is normal when you do get frustrated. BUT if you don’t give up……

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Without a doubt, kiteboarding is one of the most unique and exciting things any person can do. The gratification of learning and excelling at this awesome sport is immeasurable. I wish I could explain it in words but you simply have to try it for yourself to truly understand.

These five things that we have shared with you are very simple, indeed. If you heed our advice, you will find that kiteboarding is quite simple itself. You have already taken the time to read this post, so please, do yourself a favor and get out there!

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