Best Beginner Kiteboards in 2021

Best Beginner Kiteboards in 2021

The Best Beginner Kiteboards 

Best beginner Kiteboards | Kiteboarding lessons St.Petersburg | kite shop near me

Litewave Wing 155-165

This 2022 board is one of the best overall boards for riders looking to get into kiteboarding. This year’s model has evolved into an all wind board that is one of the strongest, lightest, and fastest boards you can get. It features wide tips and a unique outline that is referred to as a parabolic sidecut that maximizes planing and sends you and the board upwind. The wide tips give the board an unbelievable load and pop even in light wind conditions. This model was built for the best overall riding experience and as a dependable board that will last you for years. It is light, strong, and affordable while it stands out with sleek red graphics across the face of the board.

litewave wing kiteboard | Elite Watersports | best beginner boards

Ozone Base

The Ozone Base V1 offers an incredibly smooth and stable board made for beginners looking to improve their kiteboarding skills. This board makes it comfortable and easy for riders to control what they want to do but it still has high performance abilities for those who are improving and need a good all-round freeride board that will last them a long time due to its strong durability. Arguably the best attribute of this board is that it is a great beginner board but can also handle more experienced riders as well as the rider progresses their skills. It is made to meet Ozone's impeccable high standards so it not only looks the part but it delivers a nice and exciting ride for anyone who takes it out.

Ozone base board | Elite Watersports | best beginner boards

North Prime

The North Prime board is one of the most forgiving and best all-around boards on the market. It’s an easy to ride board that will perform exactly how you need it to and comes in various sizes to get a perfect fit for every rider. This board offers easy planing and riding to let riders have comfort and control out on the water. The Flex binding system locks your feet to the board to further give the sense of control under you. It also provides good grip on the water with the 40mm fins underneath the deck. This board handles really well in all conditions including rough chop as it cuts through the water and minimizes kickback for a less bouncy ride. The North Prime is a great board for practicing in a wide range of different conditions and offers a simple board to work on your cruising and classic kiteboarding moves out on the water.

Elite Watersports | Best beginner kiteboard | kite shop near me

Slingshot Glide

The Slingshot Glide has been a staple board for Slingshot for over a decade now. It is one of the best boards for beginners to learn as it is super forgiving especially in conditions that don’t have ideal wind speeds. This board has kept many beginning kiteboarders upright on their board and out of the water due to the fact that riders are able to excel on it in light winds. The 2020 model features a new trapezoidal tip and tail that teaches riders to better ride upwind which is a crucial skill to master. The narrow board model also lets riders experience a faster and more efficient ride that will allow you to do whatever you want in your session. The new design has been tested by many who all agree it offers better adjustments so riders can increase their comfort while riding.

best beginner kiteboard| Elite Watersports | kite shop near me


Imperator 7 LW (Light Wind)

The Imperator LW has been a staple model for Carved since 2012 but the latest model offers a big upgrade. That is their brand new invention of a new type of carbon fiber to increase the strength and decrease weight even more, it is called Cartan 2. Riding this board expect the smoothest carves, exceptional stability, and surprising reflexivity that offers a clean ride in the roughest of chop. This board has great all-round comfort in all conditions and is a ride that allows riders to go for bigger and better things in the water. Carved added a foiled top and bottom sheet to improve the durability with increased scratch-resistance and UV protection. This board is a good one for beginners but is also a board that you will want to stick with even as your skills improve as it is a fun board to ride that can grow with you.

Elite Watersports | best beginner boards | kite shop near me

Elite Watersports | best beginner kiteboards | kite shop near me
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