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Latest updates and news in our Industry. We try to keep up with it all but sometimes it's tough. If you do have a suggestion, feel free to send us a call or text.

Beginner Info

There is so much to learn when it comes to all of our different watersports we do. With our constant evolution of teaching techniques we try to keep you informed too. Learn everything we know through our blogs. 

Our Events

Several times a year we host races, fundraisers, competitions and more. We here at Elite Watersports are fully involved in the industry and our local community.  


As the gear comes out we test it all. If you don't see a review on gear that you're thinking of purchasing. Just give us a call, chances are we have done the test ride and have info to share with you. 

   We as a team at Elite Watersports thoroughly enjoy being on the water testing all equipment out. We also love giving back to our community in many ways than one. These blogs are a part of what we do. You'll find plenty of How too videos, along with news as we see it in the industry, along with reviews and beginner tutorials.  

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