CORE Lightwind Kites

CORE Lightwind Kites


CORE Kiteboarding Lightwind Kites Review

 CORE light wing kites | Elite Watersports

The XR7 LW inherits all the power and ridiculous wind range of the legendary XR7 while receiving noticeable weight-saving upgrades. Proud owners will enjoy cruising in cleaner air upwind from the pack.

The XR7 LW’s DNA is packed with innovative technology like ExoTex Ultra Rigid Dacron and Intelligent Arc that supercharges its performance. Core’s exclusive ExoTex Dacron, for example, improves airflow and flight stability. Intelligent Arc massively expands its wind range. Appreciable weight reduction is achieved with Core’s exclusive CoreTex Light canopy fabric, a ripstop fabric with remarkable strength to weight ration. We could go on, but we prefer you find out for yourself how stellar the new XR7 LW performs. -core kites

Light Wind Kites | Elite Watersports

We agree with everything Core says but here is our take on the Light Wing line up. Unlike other kites Core takes into consideration the modification needed for the larger kites to fly like the smaller ones. In other words, the designers found that altering the kite's wing tips and other parts of the light wing kite gave the same performance as the other kites. When buying from Core Kites your quiver of different sized kites should all feel and fly as they are supposed to.

The light wind kites are very reliable and have an amazing relaunch. The relaunch is huge especially when kiting in light winds because if the wind is lighter it is harder to get your kite back up in the sky. Now, relaunching is easier than before and you will have more time out on the water.


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