What Size Kite Should I Get For Kiteboarding?

What Size Kite Should I Get For Kiteboarding?

Finding the ideal kite size for kiteboarding can make the whole process safer and easier. You’ll often need to experiment with a few different types of kites to fly in different conditions. There is no one-size-fits-all kite and getting a kite that is too large for you could leave you in a difficult position where it’s impossible for you to handle the kite well. Most average size riders between 150-290 pounds could start with a 12 m kite as a standard measure. Depending on the wind and the precision that you want out of your handling.

Of these weight limits, you may want to consider a larger kite(14-18m) for lighter winds. This is usually reserved for wind speed of up to 15 mph. Median kites for medium winds between 15 to 24 mph should come in 11 to 13m. Some of the smallest kites produced are 5 to 9m and these are often reserved for higher winds of 20MPH and higher. Going out with your standard kite on a windy day could be a dangerous experience so it’s important to take caution and size your kite correctly for the conditions outside. 

What Size Kite Should I Get For Kiteboarding?

Kites are often sized down to their sail area which is in square meters. The sail area is not the direct wingspan so you can often expect to see a kite that is much larger than the rated length on the box or on the website. There are C kites, Delta kites, Foil kites and more. Hybrid kites have become some of the most popular on the market and it’s likely that you’ll be looking through a number of different hybrid selections as you are sizing your kite. 

If you’re new to the sport you should always start with a smaller kite so that you can get the basics under your belt. Upgrading to a larger or faster kite could lead you to running into problems with control or falling off your board easily. Sizing your board is also an important aspect of the sport. You want to focus on taking out a board that feels comfortable and choosing a kite that is likely a delta shape for ease of control and ease of launch if you are still new to the sport.

What Size Kite Should I Get For Kiteboarding?

If you are interested in learning more about how to properly size for a kiteboard, be sure to go down to your local kiteboarding store, Elite Watersports, or check in with our online store today. We can assist you in picking out the ideal kiteboard size to suit your weight and conditions in your area. 

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