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Expanded wing range
The future of eFoiling now

Flite wings are designed specifically for eFoiling by expert hydrodynamicists. Unmatched subsurface design creates the ultimate ride. With ten wings and four stabilisers to choose from, there are endless combinations for riders to reach new levels.

Wings for powered flight

Designed by experts

Developed by qualified Naval Architects with world-leadinghydrodynamic and aeronautical design experience.

Parametrically designed

Developed using complex computer models similar to those used by America's Cup teams.

Multi-section design

Each wing utilises a number of refined sections to achieve precise performance characteristics.

Rider tested

Ridden, tested and tuned by world-leading watersports professionals, sailors (and commercial Fliteschools).

Beginner to advanced

Stability for beginners, radical response for waves, streamlined efficiency for range, low drag for speed.

Carbon construction

Sophisticated construction layup and materials for strength, stiffness, durability and minimal weight.

Choose your own adventure

Cruiser range

Beginner friendly
Early takeoff

Flow Range

High aspect
Loose & responsive
High glide
Perfect for waves

Flow S Range

Medium aspect
Extreme roll rate
Great for waves

Speed Range

Stable at speed
Locked in carves
Low drag, high speed


Cruiser range

The Cruiser Range is all about stability. Larger wings allow for earlier foiling at slower speeds. Advanced riders can take advantage of the extra glide to ride swells without the use of the motor.

Cruiser 1100

Our most popular all-purpose wing. Every new Fliteboarder should have one. Takes off early and offers an impressive speed range and efficiency.

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Speeeed range

These eFoil wings come to life at higher speeds. Perfect for controlled carving - just like snowboarding, without the frostbite.

Flyer 800 

A very popular eFoil wing that offers high speeds and more responsiveness. The go-to wing for intermediate and advanced riders looking to carve hard and push their top speed.

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Flow range

These high aspect eFoil wings are loose and manoeuvrable. Ride waves, or ride rivers like a wave.

Flow 1300

The ultimate eFoil wing for power-off wave gliding with our True Glide prop. Flow 1300 takes off early and just glides. Despite its large, one metre span size, it's agile and responsive.

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Flow S range

The Flow S range is the lower aspect version of the Flow range, with increased roll rate for a crazy loose ride but with safer wing tips (at the expense of glide).

Flow S 1300

This eFoil wing lets you ride slow and throw your Fliteboard around in wild turns, and catch waves.

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A range of stabilizers are available including:
Flite 290 (most popular), Flow 245, Race 200 and Flite 500



Fine tune your Fliteboard

Flite 500

Our largest, most stable stabilizer wing. Designed to accompany the Cruiser 1800 Wing, but can also work with the Cruiser 1100 wing for increased pitch stability.

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