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Kiteboarding in the Florida Keys

       Kiteboarding in the Florida Keys is absolutely amazing. There is not a lot of beach access, but when you know where to go you will find flats for miles of turquoise blue water and some of the best kiting Florida has to offer. Enjoy these videos that we've put together to help you navigate the local waters. Remember you could always call or text the shop at  (727) 800-2202 for more info. We also do destination lessons.
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Kitesurfing season in the Florida Keys

   The winds of the Florida Keys are consistent throughout the months of October to May, with average wind speeds of around 15 – 25 knots. Even though the winds are present throughout the summer months, the wind conditions are light and the average kite size is 14M – 17M. During the summer months, there is an optimistic hope throughout the kiteboarding community that a tropical weather system will push through. When this occurs, it stirs up high winds for several days and that may even exceed 30 knots. The water temperature varies with the seasons as well. Temperatures range from 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months to 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. To stay comfortable in the “chilly” Florida winter weather, we recommend a 3/2 mm wetsuit.

Kiteboarding Grassy Flats Resort

Grassy Flats Resort is located at Mile Marker 58 on Grassy Key. This resort has over 500 ft of beach, compressors to pump your kites and grassy areas to pack up! There is shallow water directly from the launch spot, but with a quick walk out you have enough water to wing and hydrofoil giving you the best of both worlds. A short ride upwind gives you access to huge flats with minimal people making it a kiters paradise. Best part is you don't have to stay to play! If you're not staying in the resort they offer day passes which give you access to the beach, 2 pools, the hot tub, outdoor showers, tiki bar, rooftop bar and top notch restaurant all within feet of the launch spot. Grassy Flats is a family owned, sustainable resort with so much to offer for the entire family while you're out on the water. If you're staying in the Florida Keys we highly suggest you head to Grassy Flats Resort, they're our go to for all things wind and water related! Good wind directions are ENE - SSW. 

Kiteboarding at Curry Hammock

Situated inside of Curry Hammock State Park, this beach is one of the best locations in the Keys to kite, wing, or hydrofoil. Known for its knee to waste deep water with surrounding deep areas, making it a hotspot for all disciplines. Easy enough for beginners and big enough for advance riders to find their own line. Typically plenty of room for set up, but you might want to get there early on a windy day to get a parking because they fill up sometimes and you have to wait for someone to leave before you enter the park. This location is equipped with a campground, bathrooms, an outdoor shower, pavilions, grills, and a playground. If light wind and on the weekend there could be normal beach goers with a moderate party atmosphere. Windy days its just us, and most definitely a party atmosphere! Good wind directions are ENE - SSW. 

Kiteboarding Coco Plum

Located just South of Curry Hammock State Park is Coco Plum Beach. This sandy beach has a long narrow launch but be advised there are trees directly onshore. Just ask for help if you are not use to small launches with onshore winds! You could also do drift launching. The riding area stretches over a mile easily, you can cross to ride the flats offshore but we advise you to familiarize yourself with the very popular boat channel that you'll have to cross if you want to get there. Deep enough for hydrofoiling and wind winging at the right tide, if low you'll have to walk off the beach quite a bit to get deep enough water. Coco Plum is great to get out of the crowds and have a  playground all to yourself. The only amenity is a bathroom. Good wind directions are ENE - SW. 

Kiteboarding Anne's Beach

Anne's Beach is located on the East side of SR 1 in Islamorada. There is not a lot of rigging area here, but there is more than one spot to launch now that the boardwalk is finished. The small parking lot has minimal beach making it more difficult to rig your kite. At high tide you will have to run lines in the water or in the parking lot. There are 2 small beaches along the boardwalk that can be used for rigging and launching/landing. Anne's has mostly knee deep water and is perfect for twin-tipping, but you can walk out to the channel if you would like to wing or hydrofoil. The amenities at this location include bathrooms and outdoor showers. Good wind directions are ENE - SW.    


Kiteboarding Veteran's Memorial Park

Veterans Beach is located just South of the 7 Mile Bridge at Mile Marker 40, on Little Duck Key. This beach is free of charge and has a vast area of flat water riding, making it a kiters dream. This spot usually is not crowded and you might share a session with 1 or 2 other people at most. What is unique about Vet's Beach is you can kite here on a predominate North wind, but be careful as it is offshore and can be dangerous. If you have issues with your kite you can walk back to shore so it makes this spot very beginner friendly. Since one of the last hurricanes the pavilions and bathrooms are dilapidated and not in useable but there are port-a-potty's on site for public use.  The beach also has picnic tables and shade trees that are prefect for hammocks after a long session. Good wind directions are N -SSW. 

Kiteboarding st petersburg


    Kiteboarding in the Florida Keys  provides an experience many only dream of. Not only does the Keys offer clean unique launch spots paired with warm water and sunny days, it also hosts a melting-pot of riders. A mixture of locals and tourists helps to increase the kiteboarding experience, as the friendly riders you’ll encounter are all there for the same reason; their passion for kiteboarding. Being a part of a kiteboarding community is a major draw for many who embark on this kiteboarding lifestyle, a fact that the folks at Elite Watersports understand and value. We strive to help build a strong, welcoming, and motivated kite community that locals are proud to be a part of and visitors look forward to returning too. We are constantly looking to share the stoke or for the next adventure and would love to have you experience it with us! Give us a call and set up your off-site kite adventure today at 727-800-2202. 

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