All the most famous locations and launch spots

Kiteboarding in St Petersburg 

       Kiteboarding Tampa Bay is absolutely amazing. With its endless beach access and many shallow water locations you'll be able to find exactly the vibe you're looking for. Enjoy these videos that we've put together to help you navigate the local waters. Remember you could always call or text the shop at 
 (727) 800-2202 for more info. We also do advanced lessons. Click here for weather.

Kitesurfing season in Tampa Bay

   The winds of Tampa Bay are consistent throughout the months of September to May, with average wind speeds of around 15 – 25 knots. Even though the winds are present throughout the summer months, the wind conditions are light and the average kite size is 14M – 17M. During the summer months, there is an optimistic hope throughout the Tampa Bay Kiteboarding community that a tropical weather system will push through. When this occurs, it stirs up high winds for several days and that may even exceed 30 knots. The water temperature varies with the seasons as well. Temperatures range from 65 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months to 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. To stay comfortable in the “chilly” Florida winter weather, we recommend a 3/2 mm wetsuit.

East Side Skyway

“White sand, shallow water surrounded by deep, a playground for all displines”

This is the Skyway everyone talks about. If you want to get there, just google "Skyway Beach". Known for its knee to waste deep water and surrounded by deep, making it a hotspot for all disciplines. Kiteboarding, hydrofoiling and wind wing. Easy enough for beginners and big enough for advance riders to find their own line. Typically plenty of room for set up and parking along the beach. If lite wind and on the weekend there could be normal beach goers with a moderate party atmosphere. Windy days its just us! Kiteboarding Lessons are available daily

Skyway West 

"Backside Skyway"

Located on the North West side of the Skyway Bridge. We know this spot best for its huge riding area but somewhat small launch and maybe the lack of white sand. Just ask for help if you are not use to small launches! You could also do drift launching. We are all pretty friendly. The riding area stretches over two miles across the bay but we advise you to familiarize yourself with the very popular boat channel that you'll have to cross if you want to get away from the crowd. Deep enough to the north for hydrofoiling and wind winging. This is our primary flatwater spot when winds are out of the north west so be prepared to socialize it may get busy on the WEEKEND. Weekdays are relatively quite. Works on all tides above 0'

East Beach Fort Desoto

"East Tip" as the rangers would say."

You can hear it in Tanners voice, this is an absolute favorite for all. The number one rule here is being respectful to the park rangers. This is a spot that can hold hundreds of riders but in most cases never see more than 30. Well kept grass with a sandy entrance to the water. If you adventure about a half mile out you'll be able to find deep water that offers thigh high sand bar waves when super windy. Word to the wise, South wind is best here but that always means a front line is approaching from the north. Be aware of your surroundings and know the forecast for the day. Check radar frequently. This is not a good spot for any kind of Hydrofoiling. Medium tide is best = +.5'

Tierra Verde 

"10 Cent"

A joy to have this option on the rare case of South East breeze. That doesn't happen often in St. Petersburg but when it does, that means a big storm is coming. This spot offers a wide variety of challenges so study the video and get to know the spot. Please don't drive out to the end of the launch area.Park in the shade and carry your gear to the launch.  

North Beach Fort Desoto

"The Cumbuco  of St Petersburg"

Wow, just wow! Once a well kept secret and now known to all. We've made this video to help mitigate how fragile this access is. It's a very well known spot for beach goers and boaters and one incident could jeopardize our access. Please stay away from them. Watch out for low tide, the lagoon gets ankle deep. On the outside you can find some of the nicest waves in Tampa Bay. If you are willing to walk far, you can foil, but only on the outside of the swim bouys. This spot does come with a bunch of rules but hey it's worth the adventure! Our favorite wind direction is northwest with a high tide. +1'

Passagrille Beach

"The after work hang out"

This is the afterwork go to hot spot. At most 6x kiters. Turn right on 22ave and that puts you in prime parking. We love this spot for it local vibe, just houses and no hotels. The video shows a bit sea weed but thats only once a year. Some of the best riders in Tampa Bay go here when the wind is pumping from the north west. If you walk out to the beach and turn right you find wide open areas for rigging. Make sure you stop by Shaners for a deli sandwich. You'll be back. If you are a yacht club member check out SPYC. They have a club house with pool bar and showers.

Lassing Park

"Country Club"

The nick name says it all. "Country Club" Beautiful houses, manicured St Augustine grass and knee to waist deep water for almost 2 square miles. A huge area to rig and set up. With a short ride out you can hit nice knee high waves. We wouldn't suggest foiling here, its quite the walk to deep water. Its a twin tip spot. Its a smaller riding area and we advise making friends to create a bit of a line up rotation for doing any kind of big air tricks. Local riders are super friendly if you are. Bring the dog and put them on a huge leash while you enjoy this most family friendly spot in St Petersburg.

Scenic View

"Windsurfing and Wind Wing but sure we love kiters too"

Maybe not the most frequent spot for kiteboarding but definitely awesome. The launch is super tight on high tide so maybe best for intermediate and advanced riders. For wind winging and foiling its awesome too. The local windsurf crew primarily goes here for the east wind. Although known for windsurfing all sports are welcome. The blend of different cultures is unique. Please have a respectful presence of mind. The best wind is east by south east and medium tide 0'-1'. Our tides are very spot oriented so make sure you're not looking at regional graphs. 

Kiteboarding st petersburg


    Kiteboarding in St Petersburg provides an experience many dream of. Not only does Tampa Bay offer clean unique launch spots paired with warm water and sunny days, it also hosts a melting-pot of riders. A mixture of locals and tourists helps to increase the kiteboarding experience, as the friendly riders you’ll encounter are all there for the same reason; their passion for kiteboarding. Being a part of a kiteboarding community is a major draw for many who embark on this kiteboarding lifestyle, a fact that the folks at Elite Watersports understand and value. Elite Watersports hosts a calendar full of events throughout the year that help to bring the community together. Whether it is a ‘kiteboarding for charity’ event, a foil racing regatta, or kiteboarding-focused tech talks, Elite Watersports strives to help build a strong, welcoming, and motivated kite community that locals are proud to be a part of and visitors look forward to returning to.

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