All about the 2021 Tampa Kite Invasion: Kiteboarding Event

All about the 2021 Tampa Kite Invasion: Kiteboarding Event

The Tampa Kite Invasion of 2021 is an event coming up on Oct 1-3 by Elite Watersports for the not-for-profit Tampa Bay Watch. Tampa Kite Invasion is partnering with us to produce this major fundraising event to keep marine life safe for us all. The Tampa Bay Watch benefits our waterways and provides cleanups and advocacy programs to benefit our beautiful city. 

The season opener will be kicking off on Friday night with a gathering put on at the Elite Watersports storefront. Race day will be held on Saturday or Sunday based on the wind conditions and there will be a silent auction and awards show that will proceed with the race.

All about the 2021 Tampa Kite Invasion: Kiteboarding Event

The Tampa Kite Invasion is an event that is perfect for newcomers to the sport, spectators and for those that want to do their part to protect Tampa waterways. The 7-mile downwind regatta is sure to be a thrilling experience and there will be plenty of opportunities to meet people from the local scene. Talk gear with brand representatives and experience a deep appreciation for the waterways that allow us to enjoy this beautiful sport. 

How The Regatta Event Will Work

The regatta will be taking place on a patrolled waterway course ranging from Lassing Park to the east side of the skyway bridge. Kitesurfers will set off based on the wind conditions to see who can make it past the finish line first!

All about the 2021 Tampa Kite Invasion: Kiteboarding Event

Updates throughout the race week will be announced with red, yellow and green light systems on our website and social media platforms. If you see a red light the race is pushed to Sunday, a yellow light will have us waiting for wind updates on whether or not to postpone and a green light will have us taking off at the planned time on Saturday. Be sure to follow the event social media page for the Tampa Kite invasion of 2021 for more updates on the race status or check out the elite watersports main page for a status on the event as well.


Prizing for the event is open to anyone that participates. We are planning on holding a silent auction so that you can get your hands on some gear and support a great cause. 

Core Kiteboarding will be fronting a race winning prize for the kitesurfer who crosses the finish line first in the regatta. The Grand prize will not be released until the week of the race so stay tuned. 

All about the 2021 Tampa Kite Invasion: Kiteboarding Event

Registration Is Open Now

By registering for the event you can participate in this amazing opportunity to join the regatta and compete for a world class prize package. Registration is open today and you can support a great cause with your entry fee through Tampa Bay Watch.

About Tampa Bay Watch

The fundraising from this event will be donated directly to Tampa Bay Watch, a company that focuses on “Restoring the Bay Every Day”. With a series of coastal wetlands that have suffered extensive damage to urban and industrial development, seagrass beds being decimated and harming the manatee population and the water quality in constant jeopardy in this area, Tampa Bay Watch is orchestrating cleanup efforts to improve marine life for our future.

About The Event

It’s been 5 years since we started the Tampa Kite Invasion and since then we have grown our event to include nearly 100 participants in the main regatta! We had 39 people crossing the start line in the foil division last year and we have traditional kitesurfing, twin tips and foil events. We have plans to increase the number of racing events with our partnership with St.Pete Yacht Club. Kiteboarding in Tampa is alive and well and we have the events to prove it. Come out and experience the joy of this sport and see some of the best people in Tampa compete!

All about the 2021 Tampa Kite Invasion: Kiteboarding Event

We have slowly increased our goal each year the Tampa Kite Invasion has taken place. We raised 6k in 2019, 11k in 2020 and we have a lofty goal of exceeding 20k in donations for the year 2021. With your support, we can keep Tampa waterways clean and improve the abilities of an incredible local not for profit. 

Donating And Sponsorship

The Tampa Kite Invasion is seeking sponsorship opportunities from local businesses as well as donations from people in the Tampa area. If you would like to donate an item for the auction or you are seeking the chance to donate and sponsor the event, contact event organizers today. 

Join us at the Elite Watersports Booth at the Tampa Kite Invasion this year, we are ready to connect with community members and share our joy of kitesurfing. The Tampa Kite Invasion is the true kickoff to the windy season in Tampa and we are ready to get out and celebrate together in 2021!

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