Your Very First Wing Surf Lesson

How to Wing Surf

This page is basically what you learn in our 2-3 hour Wing Surf lesson.

  The Industry can't decide what to call it. Wind Winging, Wing Surfing, Wing Foiling. While they decide that let's go out and learn how to do it. It's been said that wing surfing is what everyone has wanted for many years. The freedom, accessibility and free ride is attracting audiences from around the world. All ages, sizes and backgrounds can learn fast and easy. Check out these free lessons videos before your Wind Wing lesson on the beach.

First things first

    Aaron goes over the broad overview of what Wing Surfing equipment looks like. Board, Wing and Foil size. It can be very confusing when buying the equipment. If you follow our lead we can make it easy. Watch this video to get started and then call us so we can dial you into your perfect combo. 

Let's get started

   Now you are ready for your first exposure to wing foiling. We have to do the land portion. It is imperative to your success out on the water. Land basics are some of the more technical sides of the sport. We want to build your confidence that we can help steer you in the right direction for both learning and your first purchase. 

Time to learn the wing.

    Wing handling basics are what we need to learn on land before we go into the water. Flipping the wing over is what we have seen is the hardest part of wind winging. Enjoy walking the wing up and down the beach. Sheet the wing in and out to learn how to pressure the sail. Learning to work your hands better on the available straps or handles. The sail is strong and powerful enjoy that sensation. Master this step with your own gear that you've purchased at the shop. 

To the water skipper!

    It's windy, let's go wing surf. Adding water to the equation really adds some extra work. Its ok because we are using a very large board. Riding back and forth and maintaining your upwind position is the goal we have here. We call it wind vane when you position the sail forward or aft to help direct the board in which way  you'd like to go. 

How to pump up to Foil

    Pumping to get up on foil is a use full tool to get the. board to release from the water. With a little forward momentum and pressure on the wing you'll be able t become more efficient by pumping. With the right technique the board increase Speed and start to release from the water tension. Also do this technique as you start to do your first transitions. When you feel sluggish and your foil starts to show signs of stalling, pump a bit and it may just keep you foiling long enough to keep going. 

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You can always eFoil to learn how to foil even easier and faster. Its actually your next lesson after this one. eFoiling can be done before during or after your wing surf lessons. And best of all we don't need wind.