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A guide to kitesurfing Cypress Park Tampa Bay

Everything you need to know kiteboarding Tampa. 

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Kiteboarding in Tampa

Tampa Bay is renowned for its amazing kitesurf locations. The most known and visited spots are in St Petersburg. If you’re looking for a location closer to downtown Tampa that delivers, look no further than Cypress Park. This is a convenient and fun kiteboarding location in West Tampa. Perfect for kiteboarders who live in the city and don’t have time to commute for a session.

There is a lot to love about this Tampa Bay kiteboarding spot and a few things you should know before attempting to kiteboard here. This guide will explain what you need to know, the best wind directions to kitesurf Cypress Park, and what you need to avoid when kiteboarding here.

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Table Of Content

  • Why you will love kitesurfing Cypress Park.
  • The best wind directions to kitesurf Cypress Park.
  • What you need to know when kiteboarding here.
  • What to avoid kiting here.
  • Where to get kitesurfing lessons in Tampa

Why Cypress Point Park is great for kitesurfing.

Cypress Park is a flat water haven in South Tampa. There is ample parking here and easy access for kiteboarders. There are two flat water kiteboarding spots located on the south and north sides of the park. There are public restrooms, charcoal girls, shade, and picnic tables. Luxuries that are not often found on kiteboarding beaches. There is also plenty of grass to roll your kiteboarding kite up to keep it clean after the session.

The south side of the park has a large riding area for kiteboarding. The size of the beach can vary depending on the tide. Low tide provides the most space to set up, launch, and land a kite. At high tide be mindful of obstacles on the shore. The water is shallow here so it's easy enough to walk out from the shore to launch.

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The north beach here has more space to set up and launch. The riding area is massive with plenty of flat water for twintip kitesurfing and freestyle. Likewise, if you are a beginner kitesurfer, the shallow flat water here is perfect for practicing after you have taken kiteboarding lessons. There is no need to worry about swimming back in or large chop and waves to complicate things.

The water here is perfectly shallow for kiteboarding on a twintip. It can be too shallow for kitefoiling or wingfoiling at the main beaches. You would have to walk out quite a ways to reach the deep water. .

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Best Wind Directions for Kiteboarding Cypress Point Park.

S, SW, W, NW

This location works best with a southwest, west, or northwest wind. These directions will be the smoothest and the safest. Looking at the map, you can see southwest wind will be smoother here.

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Winds from the south or west will be the smoothest and easiest. Northwest winds are still fun, especially if you’re looking for the elevator effect. Meaning strong gusts that lift you up higher after a jump! That can be fun but also adds a level of dificulty. 
Be mindful that north winds tend to be colder and more dense. Therefore gusts are more powerful in general. Wind traveling from the south is also less obstructed by land so you will experience fewer rotary winds.

Cypress Point Park is beginner-friendly. Kitesurfing lessons are always recommended. Likewise, there are beaches with a larger community and schools watching out for new riders. We encourage any new kiteboarders to visit skyway beach. If you want to learn, book a lesson with Elite Watersports.

What to expect when kitesurfing at Cypress Park.

There are two kitesurfing beaches to set up at Cypress Park. The beach to the north is going to be more beginner-friendly with a larger setup area. The riding area here is also quite large so you can find your corner to practice. The north beach is a longer walk from the parking area but it might be worth the effort at high tide.

Like all of Tampa Bay, the bottom is sand and sea grass but there are oysters and shells. Booties are always recommended. There are also some obstacles along the shoreline. Be sure to keep your distance from them. There are no rules here except no alcohol and no dogs on the beach.

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If you bring, your dog with you, they will have to stay up by the pavilion. We recommend taking advantage of the amenities here and grilling out after your kiteboarding session. Let your kites dry out in the grass while you cook out with friends. This is also a public park so it’s perfect for kitesurfers who have a family.

ICypress Point Park is awesome for kiteboarding but f you Kitefoil or wingfoil there are better locations in Tampa.  We recommend wingfoiling and kitefoiling at Picnic Island in Tampa Bay

What to avoid kiteboarding here.

The water is shallow even at high tide. The shoreline does have Oysters so pay extra attention when jumping here. The low tide here can be extremely shallow. Be mindful of the bottom at these times. Watch out for structures in the water near the shoreline as well. Don’t jump too close to shore here. As stated, dogs are not allowed here and no alcohol is allowed in the park.

•Tampa Bay has oysters and shells. Wear booties.
•Shallow water can be dangerous at times. 
•No Alcohol..
•No dogs.

Where to take kiteboarding lessons in Tampa.

Book a kiteboarding lesson in Tampa.jpg__PID:bbfc07cf-fc1a-48a9-ae0b-33355203fc1aReserve A Lesson

You should never attempt kiteboarding without a lesson. Tampa is one of the easiest cities to learn. We have the best conditions for fast progression. Most kiteboarding lessons are taught at Skyway Beach in St Petersburg. There is shallow water, a massive community of local kiteboarders, and jet ski support. There are a few lesson package options available to choose from. We teach every one of all levels and ages. If you’re just getting started or working on something like jumping, we can help you out. Reserve a lesson today.

Call us for more info on kiteboarding in Tampa.

Elite Watersports has served the Tampa and St Petersburg area for years. They offer kiteboarding and wingsurfing lessons. They also have a retail shop equpit with all of the latest kitesurfing gear. 

If you need help give us a call. .

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