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How to Foil or Surfboard Jibe.

man on a red surfboard with a foil attached above the water holding onto a handlebar

So foil and surfboard jibing are a hot topic. We know it can be hard to nail. Some people may learn it right away but most end up struggling for weeks on end. This video will help you master the foot work off the water. Simple but effective and at least there will be one less variable to think about. 

Start with your board on a smooth surface to protect it’s finish. We recommend that you use 3 straps. Two straps in the front and one in the back. Just because the back strap is there doesn’t mean you have to use it but why train yourself with out it when the ultimate goal is to use it. You’ll stand on the board and maneuver your feet back and forth as if you were jibing. In and out of the straps. We are looking to create muscle memory. End the end you should be able to transfer feet without looking.

We have found that most riders don’t have this first exercise secured in their tool box which results in a unstable transitions due to foot work. Remember float like a butterfly, race like a bee.


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