Kiteboarding in St. Petersburg

Kiteboarding in St. Petersburg

Kiteboarding can be a wonderful hobby but there are many people that find themselves nervous to try it for the first time. It is often seen as somewhat of an extreme sport. However, when you are taking on your first lesson with an experienced instructor you will find it much easier to learn. Having fun out on the water while being safe is the best way to learn how to kiteboard.

If you are curious about Kiteboarding in St. Petersburg, we have a team of experts that can help you get acquainted. With this sport having a structured approach to each lesson is a must. After a few kiteboarding lessons this will become your new hobby that you can master with expert instruction by your side. Having a structured and safe approach to the process of learning can help you feel more confident while you are out on the water.

Kiteboarding in St. Petersburg

Our Kiteboarding Lessons in St. Petersburg 

Our process begins with a structured approach to kiteboarding. We want to help you through the process of setup and teach you new techniques as soon as you feel comfortable advancing. We never rush our students and it is our goal to make sure that you will enjoy this sport on your own and further spread the stoke to others.

The Fundamentals

If you are going to be Kiteboarding in St. Petersburg we will start with the foundation to make sure that you are using the proper technique. The foundation lessons take around 30-40 minutes on the beach and during this time we will take you through all of the gear that is required. In addition to, learning how to set your equipment up safely and efficiently to get you out on the water. We will teach you about wind theory to help you decide which size kite you will need to put up and where to go. The wind can also change directions by paying attention to the forecast and seeing if there will be an offshore breeze is crucial. After wind theory and going over the gear we will take you out on the water to start flying the kite.


Flying the kite is one of the most crucial parts of kiteboarding. We want to help you through the process of flying the kite in your wind window. With that being said, in order to fly the kite properly, we start in waist deep water and use two hands to move the kite into the wind. One handed flying will be needed when you have to pick up your board and or body drag to your board. After you master the two handed power strokes and overall kite control we can work towards using one handed flying techniques. This will then progress to body dragging one handed for board retrieval. 

Advanced Controls

After you have gained confidence with your kite control, we can work at turning and learning the basics of the power stroke. The power stroke is the process of getting up on your board and controlling yourself through the water. Two handed body dragging will help you get up to a crosswind travel and to make sure that you are able to retrieve your lost board in an emergency. Losing your grip on the board in a deeper water can be a hurdle for many people but with the advanced controls tutorial you will know more about how to recover and how to move your way out of the situation when it is required. 

Kiteboarding in St. Petersburg

Starting And Stopping

After mastering the techniques for power strokes getting on the board, we move to controlled starting and stopping. When we move to the board and get our riders started in St. Petersburg, we emphasize trying some shorter rides so our riders can practice water starts and controlled stops. Repetition is crucial to preventing messy stops or the chance of a bad crash. 

Advanced Techniques

We then move to advanced techniques in kiteboarding in St. Petersburg. Our advanced techniques include staying upwind, how to ride further upwind and how to ride in more versatile conditions. We instruct our riders how to set up kites for various wind conditions, board sizes and tricks!

If you are interested in enjoying kitesurfing in St. Petersburg, contact us today to schedule a lesson now!

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