The third iteration of the Mission Control Bar brings next-level performance to enhance your kiteboarding experience and progression. The control bar is one of the few tactile and highly interactive components in your gear box, and the Mission Control Bar sits at the heart of your kiteboarding experience. To meet the highest standards of safety, performance and quality, we carefully examined every part on this bar with rigorous lab and field testing. It was designed through a meticulous engineering process to deliver pure, simple and clutter-free functionality. We’re not just confident in the Mission Control System, we’re proud to offer the best kite-to-rider connection available.

The Mission Control Bar uses a molded technology that reduces weight and unnecessary parts while adding strength. This minimal design has exactly what you need and nothing more, making for an easy-to-use system that feels natural in your hands.

New for the Mission Control V3 is a completely redesigned mainline tube that delivers easy sheeting to help a kite perform its best. Extensive material and geometry testing led us to reduce the diameter of the mainline tube and use Lubrizol material in a covered mainline for superior durability with a smooth, friction-less feel.

  • Push-away, non-detachable quick release: Simply push away the trim loop to kill all the power in the kite, while one side of this safety system stays attached
  • Molded Trim Loop with 100% depower: reliable, safe and simple to use
  • Manual main line swivel: Below the bar swivel for easy center line twist management
  • Thin EVA grip for hand fatigue free kiteboarding
  • TPU over-molded bar end winders: Soft, Fexible bar winders for safety and easy line management
  • Adjustable line leverage inserts: Change line leverage points from 49cm wide to 55cm wide on standard bar width, 40cm to 46cm on the compact bar width
  • Stainless marine grade trim cleat: Durable, easy to use, corrosion resistant cleat
  • 300k Fying lines: Highest quality monofilament braided pre-stretched Fying lines
  • Easy to replace depower trim line

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