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Clearwater Kiteboarding.

Can't make it to St Pete? These are your kite beaches. 

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The best kiteboarding spots in Clearwater and Tarpon Springs.

Clearwater, Florida, is known for its pristine beaches, warm weather, and vibrant kitesurfing scene. The spots here are a step above anything you will find in central Florida. Whether you're a seasoned kiteboarder or a beginner eager to explore our epic conditions, Clearwater offers some of the most accessible and convenient locations for kiteboarding.

The Tampa and St Petersburg area is renowned for its flat water, ample parking, and prime conditions. Skyway Beach, one of the most famous kiteboarding locations in the United States, is just a stone's throw away, while the spots to the north have their own unique charm and should definitely be on your radar if you live near Clearwater these locations should be your go-to kite spots.

In this blog, we'll explore why Clearwater is a kiteboarding paradise, the best spots to kiteboard, what to expect in kiteboarding there, and some tips for making the most of your session.

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Table Of Content

  • Clearwater kiteboarding location - Dunedin Causeway.
  • Tarpon Spring Kiteboarding - Sunset Beach
  • Clearwater and Tarpon Springs kiteboarding - Fred Howard Park.
  • Are there more kiteboarding spots near Clearwater?
  • Where can I take kiteboarding lessons in Tampa?
  • Why Choose Elite Watersports

Clearwater kiteboarding location - Dunedin Causeway.

The Dunedin Causeway stands out, boasting easy-to-ride shallow waters and deeper areas perfect for hydrofoiling and wing foiling. The Gulf Coast's consistent winds during the spring, fall, and winter make it an ideal location for kiteboarding, free from the challenges of deep waters, difficult shore breaks, and choppy conditions. This means you can enjoy kiteboarding in almost any wind direction.

Easy Beach Acess: Dunedin Causeway's easy beach access, coupled with nearby parking, public restrooms, and a restaurant, makes it a convenient and enjoyable spot for kiteboarders. The shallow flat water areas are perfect for twintip kiteboarding, while the deeper waters cater to those interested in hydrofoiling and wing foiling. You can explore and find your own private flat water spots or practice big air kiteboarding in the larger, deeper areas.

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We do have a complete guide with more details on kitesurfing the Dunedin Causeway. Read the Full Guide here. 

Best Wind Directions: The best wind directions for this location are from the south, southwest, and west. For north or northwest winds, head to Fred Howard Park, which offers equally good conditions. The south winds, common in spring, are super smooth, while southwest winds might bring minor gusts from Caladesi State Park. The expansive riding area allows the wind to travel over unobstructed water, providing some of the best flat water conditions on the Gulf Coast, perfect for beginners and advanced riders.

Launch Area: When kitesurfing at Dunedin Causeway, you'll find a small launch area with sand and grass next to the parking lot and a waterfront restaurant. This spot offers plenty of parking and public restrooms within a short distance. The south side of the causeway is ideal for kiteboarding, offering shallow, flat waters with marked boat channels. While the north side is less suitable due to powerlines, the areas near Honeymoon Island State Park Pet Beach provide large flat water spots with fewer crowds. However, be mindful of boat traffic, maintain a respectful distance from the road, and wear booties to protect your feet from shells and rocks.

Tarpon Spring Kiteboarding - Sunset Beach.

Sunset Beach is a real gem near Tarpon Springs on the St. Joseph Sound. It offers excellent conditions for kitesurfing, kite foiling, and windsurfing. You won't find a better location, but there are some things to know and some rules to follow here. This mini guide will explore why Sunset Beach is a fantastic kiteboarding destination, the best wind directions, what to expect when you arrive, and essential guidelines.

Ideal Conditions: Sunset Beach boasts deep waters, making it perfect for hydrofoil enthusiasts, while the calm, flat waters are great for intermediate to advanced kiteboarders. The area's moderate winter temperatures and reliable winds from November to April create ideal conditions for kiteboarding.Scenic and Convenient: The beach is picturesque, with palm-dotted sandy shores, ample shade, and plenty of parking. It's also equipped with amenities like pavilions, restrooms, and a playground, making it a perfect spot for family outings and cookouts.

Best Wind Directions: Kiteboarding at Sunset Beach is best with south, west, or north winds. North winds, prevalent from November to February, offer strong, consistent gusts ideal for big air kiteboarding. South winds, more common in spring, provide smooth, forgiving conditions, while west winds, though occasionally turbulent, are generally fun and rewarding.

We do have a complete guide with more details on kitesurfing Sunset Beach. Read the Full Guide here. 

What to Expect: Sunset Beach feels like a kiteboarder's paradise, with its pristine nature and beautiful blue waters. The beach has designated launching and landing areas to ensure safety and order. Due to the deeper waters and structured rules, Sunset Beach is more suited for intermediate to advanced riders. Before attempting to kitesurf here, beginners should take lessons at the Skyway Bridge in St. Petersburg.

Important Guidelines: To preserve access and safety at Sunset Beach, follow these guidelines. Launch from designated areas only. Give beachgoers the right of way. Keep gear organized and secure. Avoid kiting in swim areas. Keep a good distance from the shore. Use proper safety equipment and techniques. This is a popular tourist destination, and we must use extra vigilance to preserve kitesurfing here for everyone.

Clearwater and Tarpon Springs kiteboarding - Fred Howard Park.

Why Fred Howard Park: Imagine a small island connected to the mainland by a long jetty, creating a vast expanse of flat water—a kiteboarding slick unlike any other in Florida. The park features a large parking lot surrounded by sandy beaches and palm trees, providing a picturesque setting for kiteboarding day trips. However, kiteboarding is only allowed on two smaller beaches away from the main beach. This is actually perfect as you won't have to worry about beachgoers, and the beaches are next to the main flat water riding area.

Ideal Conditions: Fred Howard Park boasts some of the smoothest waters in Florida, making it ideal for freestyle kiteboarding and learning new tricks. The deep, forgiving waters cater to both big air kiteboarders and those learning to kite foil or wing foil. During high tide, the water is deep enough for foiling, eliminating the need to worry about shallow spots. It can be too deep to walk out sometimes, so be ready to self-rescue if something goes wrong. Unlike most Kiteboarding locations in the area, you can't just walk back in. This is a popular spot for advanced kiters to come and try kite loops in the flat water.

We do have a complete guide with more details on kitesurfing Fred Howard Park. Read the Full Guide here. 

Best Wind Directions: The main island is located far from the land, so the park has smooth wind. Expect good conditions from the south, west, and north. South winds offer smooth conditions, while north winds provide stronger gusts—ideal for big-air enthusiasts. West winds, though occasionally turbulent near the island's edges, also offer decent kiteboarding.

Tips for Your Visit: When visiting Fred Howard Park, be prepared for a $5 parking fee and remember to use designated launch areas. Respecting local regulations is crucial to maintaining access and safety for all beachgoers and kiteboarders. The park's scenic views and serene atmosphere make it a favorite among locals and kiteboarders alike.

Safety and Respect: Avoid flying kites over the road or into designated swim areas. Always keep a safe distance from beachgoers, follow guidelines to prevent accidents, and maintain harmony with other park users.

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Are there more kiteboarding spots near Clearwater?

While not in Clearwater, we wanted to write about two amazing spots to the south. Tierra Verde, nestled between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, is an exceptional yet lesser-known kitesurfing spot in St. Petersburg, Florida. The area, referred to as "10 Cent," offers unique perks and some challenges. It is ideal for kitesurfing, kite foiling, and wind winging, particularly when the wind aligns from the south, east, or south-southeast. 

The staging area under the bridge in Tierra Verde provides ample parking, grass for setting up gear, and shade for protection from the sun or rain.

A path leads to the launch area, where the shoreline is ideal for kite launching. However, be cautious of sand spurs on the path and shells in the water, recommending booties for protection.

The spot offers both shallow flats and deeper waters. The shallow flats are perfect for twintip riders and kiteboarding lessons, while the deeper waters cater to big air riders, wing foiling, and kite foiling.

Despite its advantages, "10 Cent" is better suited for intermediate and advanced riders due to deep waters downwind of the flats.

It's essential to be mindful of the bridge, boat traffic, and the potential need for self-rescue.If the wind changes, nearby alternatives like Fort De Soto provide great kiteboarding conditions. After a session, local restaurants such as Jolly Roger and Billy’s Stone Crab offer a perfect spot to unwind with food and drinks.

Another popular spot is Lassing Park in St. Petersburg, Florida. This is a prime destination for kitesurfing, boasting a grassy launch area and perfect conditions for kitesurfers of all levels.

Nestled in a picturesque neighborhood and protected by a large sandbar, Lassing Park offers some of the best kitesurfing conditions in the area on an east wind.

Ideal Wind Directions: The best wind directions at Lassing Park are East, Northeast, and Southeast. East winds are the smoothest and strongest, providing optimal conditions.

Northeast and Southeast winds can be gusty or light, nearby Skyway Beach or East Beach Fort De Soto are recommended alternatives. 

Parking and Setup: There is ample parking along Beach Drive SE, but be considerate of the homeowners in the neighborhood. The setup and launch area is spacious and forgiving, making it easy to prepare without worrying about getting your kite sandy.

Conditions: Lassing Park has knee to waist-deep water with a large sandbar that minimizes chop, making it ideal for learning new tricks, big air kiters, and freestyle riders. The bottom is a mix of seagrass and sand with random shells, so wearing booties is recommended. Low tide can make the water too shallow for kitesurfing, in which case Skyway Beach East is a better option.

Downwinders & Events: Downwinders from Lassing Park to Skyway Beach are popular, and Elite Watersports occasionally organizes these events. The lagoon-like conditions are also suitable for wing surfing and wind foiling, with deeper waters and rolling waves outside the sandbar.

Safety Considerations: While Lassing Park is beginner-friendly and safe, be mindful of a few hazards: Avoid launching near power lines or trees, wear booties to protect against shells, respect waterfront homes and keep a safe distance. The tides here can be strong so check that the water is deep enough to ride before you go. 

Where can I take kiteboarding lessons in Tampa?

If you're in Tampa and looking to learn kiteboarding, Elite Watersports is your best bet. We teach in the safest and easiest kiteboarding spot near Tampa-Skyway Beach in St Petersburg, Florida. Our expert team of passionate kiteboarders will cater the lessons to your level, ensuring a safe, fun and fast learning experience. With 20 years of kiteboarding experience in Tampa, our team knows everything there is to know about kiteboarding in Tampa Bay. If you have any questions about kiteboarding locations near Tampa, feel free to give us a call. We're here to help you navigate the exciting world of kiteboarding.

Why Elite Watersports?

Elite Watersports is the premiere equipments store and lessons center for all the exciting water activities in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. We provide amazing, fun experience while teaching people to kiteboard, wind wing, wing surfing, and E-foil! We even have a top-of-the-line wake boat to teach wakeboarding and wake surfing, as well as offering private charters. We have changed the location of our store front since the making of this video, now it's even better than before! We still offer all of the best equipment for all of your watersports needs!

If you need help give us a call. .

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