2023 Go Foil Line up

Alex Aguera goes over the entire line up for
Go Foil 2023

2023 Go Foil Line Up

Everything you need to know about Go Foil in 2023

   We like to start by saying how awesome it was to hang out with this foiling maniac Alex Aguera. He proved his capabilities and stamina both in racing and tow in foiling. An endless session we would say. His wife Karla not just along for the ride. She is apart of the crew. Out on the water almost just as much as Alex. The Team dubbed their foil line up "Go Foil ECO System". Meaning all the gear works flawlessly together. Matching the boards, wings and foils creates a perfect harmony. Once you buy into one of the foils you'll see that all other components work together. You'll not just see a new way of thinking but also durability, brainless integration and adjustability, along with industry leading development. Look no further than the video below to get the ultimate run down with all things Go FOil.

Remeber we have all the wings and boards available for purchase or DEMO. Ready to go! GO FOIL

Meet the Legend. 

Alex Aguera Grew up right here in Clearwater Florida. Being apart of the wind and surf scene all around the world. Owning Shops, schools and now a major brand. He still returns to his roots right here in sunny St Petersburg Florida.

Whats up with the steps?

We can make this conversation super tech and totally geek out or we can just say it works. We here at Elite Watersports have gone out and tested the new concept and WOW it works. The wing's entry back into the water is absolutely amazing. You actually start to want to come out of the water adding a new desirable feel from foiling that has not been achieved by others. 

Wing Surf RIDE boards 

Super light but durable. We have weighed them and they come out way under the rest. The front section is made a bit wider to carry the volume where you need it the most. Flat bottoms for easier release. Inserts are bomb proof along with an auto air vents so you don't have to worry about the board expanding. Try them. We Approve.

Foil Wing Options

Go FOil has the wing for what you are doing for the day. All shapes and sizes, along with the largest front wings we have ever seen. The EZ is best for kiteboarding. GT means "Go To". You don't need anything else in our local opinion. The "RS" series is mainly built for fast and glide like desires. Higher aspect allowing better sharper aggressive riders to achieve their goals. You cant defeat the RS line up if you are the best on the beach. In our local vibe opinion, the GT will be the go to for Gulf Coast Riding.     When it comes to old school thinking, you need to buy a bunch of front wings to satisfy your needs. With Go Foil, you can stick with the same couple fronts but accessorize with the back wings. Alex says that the back wings are what changes his foil's feel the most. At the End of thhe video we have how to assemble. IT'S SO EASY!

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