What is the Life Expectancy of a Onewheel? The Answers to Your Questions about Battery and Tires

What is the Life Expectancy of a Onewheel? The Answers to Your Questions about Battery and Tires

Onewheels are unlike any other board you've ever ridden. It's undoubtedly the most fun you will have on one wheel.

You might be left wondering if the high price tag will make it difficult to afford a new board.

How long is the battery expected to last?

How do I get a new tire when it is damaged?

Let's now explore these questions together.

What is the Life Expectancy of a Onewheel?

What is the Lifespan of a Onewheel?

A Onewheel can provide years of enjoyment with regular maintenance and routine replacements of parts. Tires are the most frequently replaced. This depends on the rider's weight, riding style, and tire pressure. The average lithium-ion battery can last between 500 and 1,000 charges.

Here is a table that will give you an overview of the life expectancy and run times for Onewheel parts.


3 miles p/day

10 miles p/day

Tire (1,000 miles)*

About 1 year

About 3 months

Single Battery Charge +XR

It takes approximately 6 days

It takes approximately 2 days

Battery Life Expectancy* (500 Charges)

5 - 8 years

3-4 Years


What is the Life Expectancy of a Onewheel?

What is the Life Expectancy of a Onewheel's Battery

Onewheel Pint and the XR+ LiNiMnCoO2 lithium NMC (LiNiMnCoO2) battery have extremely long lives and can withstand many riding cycles. You can expect years of battery life if you maintain your batteries in the right way.

  • Keep your board indoors in cool areas at room temperature. Your Onewheel should never be stored outdoors. Even if it is only for a few minutes, the cold or heat will affect the performance of your battery. The battery will start to degrade if it is left outside for too long.
  • Your board should be charged at the very least once every three months. This will ensure that your board's battery doesn't go flat even if it's not being used often. It is important to not fully charge your battery or drain it completely. This will prolong the life of your battery. The battery should be charged at 80-90 percent, and not lower than 20 percent. This will ensure that the battery isn't being used for a complete cycle.
  • Onewheel has detailed battery data you can monitor to keep track of everything.

Battery Lifespan

We all know that any plug-in device, no matter how new or exhilarating, can make us wonder how long it will be before we reach for the charger.

On forums, many of our electric mobility device-using brothers and sisters are excitedly discussing the Onewheel's excellent battery life.

We've heard reports that the battery would drain to just 60 percent even after riding for an hour per day over four days. Then, it would recharge quickly and reach 100 percent within an hour.

Let's take a closer look at the newest models of Onewheel XR+, and Onewheel Pint to see how it has improved battery life.

What is the Life Expectancy of a Onewheel?

Improvements to the Onewheel Component

Kyle Doerksen, Onewheel founder, has spent 8 years optimizing and fine-tuning the Onewheel.

The technology has evolved continuously since the release of the Prototype in 2014. This allows for the best Onewheel experience.

All onewheels work in the same way, but with many updates and tweaks, riders' experience has always improved.

This is partly due to the ever-increasing battery life.

Onewheel XR+ is available in a variety of colors, and the full battery will last 12-18 miles. It takes 110 minutes or 60 minutes to charge a dead battery.

The Onewheel Pint, by comparison, has a riding range around distances between 6-8 miles while taking 120 minutes to fully charge the Pint Ultracharger. This is a significant improvement over the original Onewheel. 

The new battery is not only more powerful, but it also increases the power of your Onewheel when you go up hills or in colder conditions. This saves your battery life.

The latest XR+ model feels a lot more intuitive and smoother. It can go As fast as 19 miles per hour. It also stops on a dime, so be careful!

"The Onewheel+XR is capable of traveling 12-18 miles with a fully charged battery. It takes only 110 minutes to charge a drained one."

What is the Lifespan of an Onwheel Tire?

The Vega MBM stock tire of Onewheel is designed to last for around 1,000 miles. A ride of 3 miles per day will result in approximately 1 year of riding while riding 10 miles per day would take 3 months.

Upgrade your tires if you want to have better traction on snowy roads or for more grip on off-road trails. There are many options for tires on the market, including the Burris and Hoosier tires.

It's important to follow these maintenance tips in order to ensure your Onewheel lasts as long as possible. If you intrested in getting your very own onewheel today you can grab one here!

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