How Far Can a Onewheel Pint Go

How Far Can a Onewheel Pint Go

What is a Onewheel?

If you have ever seen someone riding a skateboard with that big wheel in the middle and wondered how it worked and how someone can possibly have so much control while riding a skateboard like that, we have it all covered for you here. The brand is called Onewheel, which is pretty self-explanatory to what the product is, a one-wheeled skateboard. It comes in two versions now with the XR model and the Pint model.

Onewheel Pint vs Onewheel XR

Onewheel Pint vs Onewheel XR: Speed

The XR model is bigger in size and has a top speed of 19 miles per hour. The Pint model can reach speeds of up to 16 miles per hour. 16 miles per hour might not seem like a lot but on a skateboard 16 miles per hour feels like you are going 40 and you probably won’t ever want to go much faster than 16 miles per hour on it. 

Onewheel Pint vs Onewheel XR: Battery Life

If you are wondering how far can a Onewheel Pint go compared to the Onewheel XR, it still has a good range of 6-8 miles per charge vs 12-18 miles per charge. 

Onewheel Pint vs Onewheel XR: Size & Weight

The Onewheel XR is 29.5 inches long. You probably guessed that the Pint is a smaller version of the XR based on its name that is built for easier transportation and storage with a lighter board that is just 27 inches long. One of the biggest differences in the XR vs. the Pint is the weight as the XR is 27 pounds and the Pint is just 23 pounds. 

Onewheel Pint vs Onewheel XR: Price

As for the price point of the Pint, it comes in right at $950, about half the price of the XR. The Pint hits the sweet spot on a lot of different levels between the price, size, and performance, it is the perfect electric skateboard for everyday use.

How Far Can a Onewheel Pint Go

Are Onewheel Skateboards Hard to Ride?

Onewheel skateboards look like they would be extremely hard to ride, the same as a unicycle with only having one wheel to balance and ride on. That is definitely not the case and once you get the feel of it they actually give you more control than a regular electric skateboard arguably. The Pint offers new dismount technology which makes it as easy as ever for new riders to learn to get on and off of the board. The learning curve on a Onewheel is not as hard as many people think and comes naturally to skateboarders and non skateboarders alike. There is no remote control like a regular electric skateboard but you activate the acceleration of the board by slightly leaning forward to begin a gradual take-off and then slow down by leaning back for an easy and smooth stop.  This actually makes it easier to start and stop than on a regular electric skateboard because you can gradually take off and slow down. On an electric skateboard the start is more of a jolt of power that can take more getting used to than a natural lean and decelerating is similar to a traditional nonelectric skateboard. Stopping on a Onewheel is actually easier than on a skateboard and you can even stop on a dime if you need to avoid something or make a sudden stop for any reason. The Pint Onewheel offers a smooth ride with the big oversized wheel in the middle of the board you can ride over practically anything in your path.  

How Far Can a Onewheel Pint Go

What is the Benefit of Choosing a Onewheel?

The main advantages of a Onewheel, and more specifically the Pint from Onewheel, over other electric skateboards on the market is the size. The Pint is lighter and shorter than most electric boards on the market but still packs a punch with its speed and acceleration. The big wheel offers an easier start and stop with the technology Onewheel has invented to make it safer than ever for anyone to master riding one of their boards with ease. The other advantage is the battery life of how far a Onewheel Pint can go which is six to eight miles. An average commute for a biker is five miles which bikers should be able to achieve in 25 to 40 minutes. Using the Pint Onewheel as a commuter vehicle has never been easier as you can stash the small board under your desk or on the bus if you need a quick commute to a bus stop. If your biking commute is longer than six to eight miles, first we feel bad for you because that could potentially be longer than 40 minutes on a bike, but the Onewheel offers two hour charging times to get a full charge so it can also make it eight miles in each direction. That means for a two-hour charge you can ride a full commute and then charge it back to a full battery in time to ride to lunch and then charge it again for the ride home. The One Wheel Pint from Onewheel offers the exceptional riding experience of a Onewheel at a more affordable price and a more manageable size. You can purchase the One Wheel Pint HERE, or you can come into the shop and talk to a team member about the Onewheels. 

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