Kiteboarding Lessons in Dunedin, FL

Kiteboarding Dunedin

When the weather is hot and you're looking for an exciting way to cool off, explore kiteboarding! This exciting watersport is the perfect option for those who seek adventure while pursuing an activity they can learn with friends and family.

You might just discover that you’re a natural — so get started with lessons from Elite Watersports today!

About Our Lessons

Our lessons offer full flexibility and customization so you get the experience you want. Our instructors will guide you through the learning process and ensure you're comfortable with each step before moving to the next.

Check out all of our lessons to find what's right for you:

  • Beginner lessons: The first stage of your lessons is called “ground school.” Your instructor will give you the full breakdown of your safety gear and how it works. They'll also cover the proper technique for rigging before you get into the water. Next, you'll find your spot in knee-deep water where you'll start flying a real kite. 
  • Intermediate lessons: Next, we'll teach you how to walk while flying, properly relaunch yourself when your kite has crashed and fly through a wind window like you would on an actual board. Your instructor will also tell you about the safety system that releases your board with the press of a button.
  • Advanced lessons: Now that you've grasped the correct techniques to ride safely, your instructor will introduce the actual board to your lessons. We'll cover how to navigate and change directions with your kite as you surf through the wind — and once you get that down, you'll learn how to effortlessly transition between directions.
  • Lesson packages: You can purchase one of our four lesson packages to get the experience you're looking for. Choose between individual or group lessons and the hourly rate that works best for you.

What You Need For Kiteboarding

We provide your gear for each lesson, though you can also purchase it to practice on your own time:

  • Control bars allow you to freely steer when on your board.
  • Harnesses connect the control bars and your body for optimal balance.
  • Kites vary depending on your preferred riding style.
  • Foot straps or bindings keep your feet firmly placed on your board.
  • Kite surfboards or kiteboards are used for surfing the waves
  • Wetsuits are optional to keep you warm in the water.

Why Kiteboard in Dunedin FL

The Dunedin community regularly hosts kiteboarding events so you can meet like-minded people who are equally passionate about watersports. Additionally, the Florida weather and beaches are perfect for beginning and advanced kiteboarders who want fun and challenging waves.

Kiteboarding Dunedin

Get On the Waves Today

At Elite Watersports, we also offer wind winging, hydrofoiling, e-foiling and wakeboarding lessons if you want to explore more than kiteboarding. We've taught over 21,000 hours of lessons in Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Sarasota and Tarpon Springs. Our certified and experienced instructors also offer jet ski assistance.

We're your full-support shop, open all week and from sunrise to sunset. Contact us or visit our store for more information!