Kiteboarding Lessons Tarpon Springs

Kiteboarding Tarpon Springs

Kiteboarding in Tarpon Springs is an amazing way that you could get out in the water and find new enjoyment amongst the waves. Proper kiteboarding instruction will be the best way that you can prepare to take on this incredible activity and get more enjoyment out of your time on the water. Trying to learn to kiteboard without a guide can be difficult and with the right instruction as well as with the right store to grab all the proper kiteboarding equipment, you will be able to enjoy an easier experience with your time kiteboarding. 

The Benefits of Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding is a very different type of sport than traditional surfing or other watersports. With kiteboarding, you have greater control over your board and enjoy some amazing times out on the water under perfect conditions. With surfing, you need large waves, but with kiteboarding, you just need moderate wind. This can give you, even more, to do out on the water on the days where conditions may not be perfect. 

Events like our annual regatta are also a wonderful way to get to know people in the kiteboarding community throughout Tarpon Springs. Joining our friendly race is a great way to push your kiteboarding further and see what you can accomplish. 

Why Choose Elite Watersports

Elite watersports has been providing kiteboarding lessons for the community of Tarpon Springs for many years. We offer everything from beginner lessons to lessons for intermediate riders and advanced riders. Whether you are interested in getting out and kitesurfing for the first time or you are interested in taking on some trick lessons to do more out on the water, we can make sure that you have everything that you need for an amazing.

Kiteboarding Tarpon Springs

If you are interested in taking on kiteboarding lessons, we have the proper instructors working to guide you through the process and to ensure that you can get more out of kiteboarding. We have full shop support and our team has worked for thousands of hours providing kiteboarding lessons throughout the years.  We have a team of fully certified instructors in the watersports industry and everyone is trained to meet all standards when teaching our strategies out on the water. We offer everything from Jetski assistance to a full shop of supplies to help you expand your hobby. By choosing Elite Watersports, you can have all of the expert help you need to enjoy more time out on the water and improved experiences with your kiteboarding. We can help with repairs, gear replacement, lessons, and everything you need to get out on the water.

Areas We Service

Our kiteboarding lessons and equipment are available to help you out in St.Petersburg and the surrounding area. We have great roots in this community and we can help people across the greater Tarpon Springs area including New Port Richey.

We are expanding our reach by offering a wider inventory of products in our store and improving the number of skilled instructors that we can offer to our customers in the greater Tarpon Springs region.

If you are interested in working with us or you would like to come into our shop for gear advice for Kiteboarding, contact us today or come into our showroom to find out more. We are always ready to answer your questions or to schedule the best time for a lesson so that you can try out kiteboarding for yourself!
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