Kiteboarding Lessons in Tarpon Springs, FL

Kiteboarding Tarpon Springs

Kiteboarding is an exciting watersport that anyone can learn! At Elite Watersports, we'll teach you how to make the most of your kiteboarding journey as you stay safe while having fun in the water.

About Our Lessons

We offer several levels of kiteboarding lessons. You can advance at the most comfortable pace for your skills and interests:

  • Beginner lessons: These lessons aim to make you comfortable with the safety gear and proper rigging techniques. You can determine how many of these “ground school” lessons you need before you’re ready to advance. Next, you'll move to knee-deep water to find your perfect flying spot with a kite.
  • Intermediate lessons: We'll teach you how to walk while flying, relaunch in the event of a crash and fly through a wind window as if you were on your board. You'll also learn about the safety system that releases your board with a button. 
  • Advanced lessons: Your instructor will teach you how to navigate on your board at this stage, including flying the kite in the right direction and transitioning as necessary.
  • Lesson packages: You also have a choice between four packages with pricing based on the number of people you want to learn with you. 

What You Need For Kiteboarding

The right kiteboarding gear ensures a safe and successful ride. While we provide all the gear you need for your lesson, you can always purchase your own:

  • Control bars help you steer the kite while you ride. 
  • Harnesses keep you connected to the control bar and maintain your balance.
  • Kites in various styles. 
  • Foot straps or bindings secure you on your board and offer maneuverability while surfing.
  • Kite surfboards or kiteboards connect to the kites so you can surf. 
  • Wetsuits keep you warm while in the water. 

Kiteboarding Tarpon Springs

 Benefits of Kiteboarding

In addition to the adrenaline rush kiteboarding gives you, you'll discover so many reasons to explore the watersport:

  • Stay fit.
  • Get a chance to connect with nature.
  • Improve your balance and concentration.
  • Relieve stress.

Enjoy the Refreshing Waves 

At Elite Watersports, we also offer wind winging, hydrofoiling, e-foiling and wakeboarding lessons to satisfy your search for thrills. We've given over 21,000 hours of lessons throughout Florida, including Tampa Bay, Dunedin, Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Sarasota.

With all-week availability, jet ski assistance and full-shop support — including gear repair — our certified and experienced instructors are ready to teach you. Contact us or visit our store for more information!