What Is A Hydrofoil?

What Is A Hydrofoil?

Do you love water sports? Would you love to ride a hydrofoil board over the surface of the water? If you want to beat the heat, you should definitely think of buying or renting a hydrofoil board. Hydrofoil boards are gaining popularity day by day as they are one of the most unique surfboards. 

What Is A Hydrofoil?

What is a Hydrofoil Board? 

A hydrofoil board is basically a surfboard with a foil attached at the bottom of its surface, which acts as a lifting force.The hydrofoil is similar to the aerofoil attached in airplanes. The design of the hydrofoil board makes it unique as it can leave the surface of the water at various speeds. However, it was first used in ships and sailboats. Through this, the sailors got to know that hydrofoils are much faster as they cut through choppy water, and less water resistance. 

How does a Hydrofoil Board work?

The wings are submerged downwards at the start, but as the surfboard begins to gain speed, the water is pushed downwards. As the water is pushed downwards, an upward force is created by the water in reaction to downward pressure. This upward force lifts the person out of the water and above the waves. Now you must be thinking: what is the working principle of a hydrofoil? The hydrofoil works on the principle of Newton's third law, "For every action in nature, there is an equal and opposite reaction". Hydrofoil surfboards are much more efficient than traditional surfboards, which take a lot of time to catch up with the waves.

What is the Average Speed Needed to Lift the Hydrofoil?

What Is A Hydrofoil?

The average speed needed to lift the hydrofoil board is 4-8mph for people with average weight. More than 8mph speed is needed for larger people, while for smaller people, even less speed is needed to lift the hydrofoil board. 

Safety tips:

What precautions should you take while riding a hydrofoil surfboard? Some precautions that the hydrofoil riders need to take are:

  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Wear a wetsuit.
  • Put on a pair of boots.
  • Don't surf with hydrofoils in crowded waters.
  • Choose a suitable size of the hydrofoil board.
  • Take lessons if you have never used one before

All the riders should take precautions to ensure safety.


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