How Does a Hydrofoil Work

How Does a Hydrofoil Work

Hydrofoil boards are becoming more popular in watersports today. Answering what these boards do often come down to understanding what they look like outside of the water. A hydrofoil board is basically a surfboard that has a hidden hydrofoil attached at the bottom. A Hydrofoil resembles the look of a model airplane wing and it cuts through the water.

How Does a Hydrofoil Work

The application of these hydrofoil wings first got started in ships and sailboats. Shipbuilders discovered that boats that contain these wings were able to go much faster than other boats that were sitting in the water. A hydrofoil design is perfect for cutting through choppy water without feeling the impacts that you would along the hull of a boat. This means more speed and less impact on the body. This is the reason why so many people are preferring hydrofoils to traditional surfboards.

The Possibilities In Sports

Hydrofoils have been growing in popularity. These are some of the hottest selling items in the water sports industry. People are using them as an alternative to sailing, kiteboarding, and conventional surfing. Many companies have begun introducing new hydrofoil boards and unique shapes that are pushing the maneuverability and speeds that are capable from a surfboard. 

How The Boards Work

How Does a Hydrofoil Work

The basics of the board involve the hydrofoil gliding through the water at an upward angle. This upward angle shape accelerates the water downward and the reaction of this water shooting downward creates the upward force lifting the rider out of the water and above the waves. 

Because of this shape and this unique way of riding a hydrofoil board it is ideal for surfing as well as for kiteboarding. Many people prefer to use these boards with kiteboarding instead of surfing because the board often requires a fair amount of speed to build up before it rises above the waves. But as the industry grows, new shapes and designs of the boards are making all other riding style ore accessible. Surfing, Prone, SUP and now Wind Wing are some ways to hydrofoil. 

These boards have been widely used over the last few years and it is likely that you have seen a number of advertisements on them online. If you are interested in trying Hyrdofoil boards, now is the time to start as the market is set to erupt with a series of new rechargeable electric options called efoil boards and unique hydrofoils that are purpose-built for activities like kiteboarding. Getting into the latest hydrofoils now could be a fantastic way that you can master hydro foiling so that you will be ready for all the new electric models and more! Contact us today to learn more about hydrofoil boards!

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