What is an eFoil? How much does one cost?

What is an eFoil? How much does one cost?

Foil surfing (also known as surf foiling) is a sport that involves riding a surfboard with a hydrofoil fixed to it instead of a fin. Now, what is eFoiling? In this sport, the surfer is simply riding the board while surfing the electronic foil. Because of eFoiling boards, surfers can now capture even the smallest waves. Keep reading this blog to find out more about these boards!

What is an eFoil? How much does one cost?

What is an eFoil board, and how does it work?

An eFoil is a personal watercraft. It is a surfboard with an electric propeller mounted just above the hydrofoil's wing, which propels the board over the water. Moreover, it is powered by a rechargeable battery and a virtually silent electric motor. 

The eFoil is operated by a handheld wireless remote that connects through Bluetooth. The best part of this sport is that the rider of an eFoil board does not need to paddle for waves or pump their legs to keep the board moving. 

How hard is it to ride an e-foil?

Honestly, with zero to no board sport experience in the past it is fairly easy. The rider has to understand that they should not try to rush the process, but take their time and get the feeling. In addition, always remember that it is all in the hips. Similar to the yoga warrior pose putting your weight on the front foot but turning your hips forward. When the rider would like to foil or get the board out of the water simply shift your hips backward not your weight. 

Anyone can ride this board with a little practice and excitement. If you are not confident in standing on the board or have any limitations to standing, sitting on the board is an option. While sitting on the board with either your knees or on your butt the rider can still foil. Same motion as if the rider is standing with shifting the hips or moving your head forward.

Type of Efoil boards you should buy: 


This is an excellent all-around board that can be used with any riding style, and it's available in five different colors and textures. This Fliteboard model measures 100 L, 5'8′′ x 28′′ and costs $12,495.

Following the Fliteboard, there is Pro (67L, 5′ x 24.5′′) and Ultra (54L, 4'2′′ x 23′′). These boards are for the more "advanced" riders who want the most receptive and lightest eFoil experience possible. Furthermore, the Air is a rare and thrilling inflatable eFoil platform. At 150L and 6′ x 30′′, it's a big and stable board that's ideal for beginners, surf shop rentals, and yacht toys.

When it comes to Fliteboard batteries, there are two models to choose from. The "Sport" battery is standard and will give about 60 minutes run time, while the "Explore" battery offers 90 minutes of run time.

What is an eFoil? How much does one cost?


So, there's all the information you need for purchasing an eFoil board! To find out more head over to the Elite Watersports website to book your first eFoiling lesson or to buy one of these boards! 

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