Efoil Board

Efoil Board

Efoil Board

Fly with your own handy wings over the surface of the water. We all want to have an awesome day on the beach, be it basking in the sunlight, enjoying a tropical drink, or surfing on the majestic ocean waves. But sometimes, Mother Nature decides to play a cruel hand and makes the waves as still as a mirror surfaceIn these times, what you need is the Efoil board. It will not only enable you to fly over the surface of the ocean but is super fun and easy to learn too!

What is the Efoil board?

This Efoil board helps take your surfing experience to another level. Fitted with an electric motor, the Efoil board is a skateboard that allows you to hover over the surface of the water. An electric propeller helps the board to move through the water, while a rechargeable battery powers it.

Why should one get the Efoil Board?

There are plenty of reasons to get one:

  • An enjoyable sport: A combination of watersports like water skiing, snowboarding, its makes for an entertaining sport like no other.
  • Use it any day: It also catches even the slightest wave in the waters, so no need to worry about the wind or waves when heading to the beach.
  • No manual work: it does not need manual labor like paddling or pumping for it to work; hence you can sail smoothly over the surface of the water.
  • Needs little maintenance: One just needs to make sure to wash it with clean water to decrease the chance of erosion. 

What makes our Efoil board different than the rest?

One needs to be absolutely sure of the product they are buying to have the best experience while on the waters. Elite Sports water boards are one of the best options out there, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Superior Design: Using quality materials and engineered by a team of experts, the final product is sure to give you a smooth experience.
  • Variety of products: You can get the PRO or AIR version and also add a personal touch to your Efoil board by adding different wings, colors, sizes, etc.
    • Control your movements: You can check your speed, direction, and remaining battery on your handy remote. You can even connect it to your smartphone for a better ride!
    • Efficient Flite box: With the latest technology, the computer on the efoil board will keep your ride coordinated. 
    • Powerful batteries: With a lengthy life and great energy usage, you can choose between two battery options following your requirements. 

      Why Elite Sports?

      Over the years, Elite sports has developed an experienced and skilled group of engineers and professionals who aim to provide the best experience to anyone who comes across their products. They also have very helpful customer care services that will provide immediate assistance in case of any issue. With such great services, you’ll want to keep coming for more products! 

      So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!