How Much is a Onewheel?

How Much is a Onewheel?

Are you planning on buying a onewheel? You have come to the right place. In this article, we will give you an idea of how much a onewheel costs and what the different options are. 

What Is A Onewheel?

If you are new to the onewheel, then let me tell you what it is. As the name suggests, onewheel is a single-wheel self-balancing electric board which is also known as an electric skateboard. If you love snowboarding or skateboarding, onewheel is the perfect option for you.

Even though learning how to use it properly may take some time, it is quite fun once you get the hang of it. Also, it is quite versatile and can ride in most places easily and quickly. Including trail rides, the beach, grass, and sidewalk.

How much is a Onewheel?

How Much Is a Onewheel?

Being the very technically designed skateboard that it is, obviously, it is not going to be cheap. If you have ridden a onewheel, you definitely know how exciting it is but also how sophisticated the technology is as well. So if you love to ride a onewheel, buying one is an investment for you. The onewheel costs anywhere from $950 to $1799 depending on which model you get. You have the Onewheel pint and the Onewheel XR. You can even accessorize them with upgraded Onewheel Carbon Fender. On this link you can find a side by side comparison of both products. But as long as you love it, it is worth the money as it totally gives back more than you pay for.

How much is a Onewheel?

What Are The Pros of Buying a Onewheel?

If you love skateboarding, then a onewheel is a must for you. But if you want to have a preview of the pros of a onewheel, then here you go:

  • Easier to weave your way around: One wheel is quite beneficial when it comes to turning as it is easier than skateboarding. You can keep your balance intact while easily turning and weaving your way around.
  • Can reach a location faster: One wheel is also very fast and can travel at speeds up to 12 miles per hour. 
  • Can update the board’s firmware: One wheel has such a cool feature in its app that enables users to update the board’s firmware. So, you can update your board when they give you more customization settings in the future.
  • Has an app for customization: You can customize your board as you want with the onewheel app. Thus, you can make the board the way you want by changing settings. Quite cool!
  • Has a good battery life and charging speed: It has a very good battery life for riding 16-18 miles for the XR and 6-8 for the Pint. On the flip side is that it only takes 20 minutes to recharge. So, you don’t have to wait for a long time to recharge it, and can get back to shredding around town or on the trails.
How much is a Onewheel?

Is Buying a Onewheel Worth It?

If you love to ride it and have found it exciting, the answer is simple...duh! Buying a Onewheel is totally worth buying. Onewheel is quite a versatile skateboard and really worth the price. The price you pay for it is nothing compared to what it gives back. If you look at all the pros, you will understand it is worth the price you are paying. If you can’t afford it now, maybe save up to buy later on as an investment.

So now that you have enough information and guidance, you can decide whether you want to invest in a onewheel or not. If you have the money, it's undoubtedly a great investment to make! Ready to buy one? Click here to get your very own Onewheel today!
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