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Soloshot 3 Review for kiteboarding

Soloshot 3 Review for Kiteboarding

Almost everyone has heard of the Soloshot, and if you have not well, you just did. The Soloshot is a robotic camera that sits on a tripod. The camera has a sensor that follows a tracker wherever the tracker goes. Sound cool, right? This is perfect for those solo sessions to show the world what you have been doing. In my mind, it can be used as a tool for progression so that you can reflect back to improve your skills. This quick first-time-review follows my first experience.

Right off the bat I was worried about time consuming set up. Who wants to rush out of work to enjoy a session and be stuck on the beach for a half hour setting up a camera? Previous models had lots of reviews from frustrated users and I was not about to deal with another delay in getting my stoke on. This Soloshot is different. Set the tripod up, press on, toggle through a couple settings, turn your tracker on and let it do it’s thing while you go do your thing. After a minute the camera will auto track you. They even added buttons to the tracker so you can start/stop tracking and recording.

The big thing is the camera is not perfect. A little grainy and seems to blur occasionally. Low light is not the best and defiantly doesn’t work at night. The auto zoom is pretty sweet and follows your setting of how wide of a view you want. Within 2000′ you can be dead set in the middle of frame and always the same close up shot. Or you can be a little less personal and get the really wide view to grasp the whole scene. They added a cool green LED light that only you can see if the camera is facing you. With my session at sunset, I was able to see the light over 1000′ feet away with the sun to my back.

As a consumer, I think the most valuable thing I have seen in this purchase is the ability to digest my performance by watching every move throughout the session. Of course, you will lose a couple shots here and there when the camera can’t keep up with super sudden changes in direction but for the most part its pretty bad ass.

I can’t wait to see what they do with the future updates in software. 

For any questions or if you would like to rent the Soloshot please call the shop @ 7278002202.

Aaron @ Elite Watersports. 

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