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Cannibals in Stock – The NEW foil and strapless boards.

Cannibal also known as CoreVac Composites has teamed up with Elite Watersports to create what our Kiteboarding industry has needed for a very long time. Established over 25 years and based in Melbourne Florida, Cannibal Surfboard’s lead board shaper and designer, AJ Finan has been using a vacuum-bagging process that bonds aerospace material to hand shaped cores.  All standard boards are made from cheap fiberglass with adhesives like epoxy and polyester. Most only using one layer for the bottom and 2 layers for the top. This old school tradition is great for high production and reduced costs but as most know, this old school construction doesn’t work in the high impact sport of kiteboarding.

AJ is using Innegra for most of the construction. Carbon and kevlar are still used in certain situations to produce a unique feeling to that particular board. The process of extracting the resin from the fiber offers many benefits. It makes the board lighter but the strength is the most important. It increased the durability to 1000lb per square inch vs most boards are 120-160. 

If your worried about the board being to stiff like many other boards on the market. Its not! The flex is in the nose and tail. In the mid section of the board it’s stiffer so that the board won’t slow down when going down the line.

Our thoughts:

What we have is a board that will last and also give the traditional feel of surfboards. Strong enough to go through our, “ground and pound” riding style during victory at sea sessions. No longer do guys have to by cheap surfboard because they break them so much. 

On the foil side of things. We are constantly putting our RRD and along with AJ into these boards. Hes building the base models to our spec. Elite Watersports has been heavy into the development of foils and boards since 2013 when foiling just hit the masses and with our average ride time of 15-20 hours a week we now know what we are looking for in each type of foil discipline. Wether it be freeride, race or surf, we know what to advise you for your next adventure.

The growing standard in foil development is the plate box. Most of our stock boards will offer this but if you already have a tuttle or pro box we can accommodate a custom order that takes 3-4 weeks. We strongly advise to look into buying a base mount system.

So with out any further wait, check out this video!

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