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The new XR6 Review and Test flight.

Core XR6 Review

The all new XR is here. Core is on the 6th generation of their boosting machine. Right away we want to start with they made minimal tweaks so not to change the trademark XR feel. The new kite has a list of improvement though and you won't be able to resist the temptation to try the new one.

  1. Faster through the window. The XR was already pretty darn fast and they made it even faster by tightening the canopy and changing the bridals a bit. It now feels smoother with almost zero flutter in the canopy even through sheeted out loops. 
  2. Inflation System has been reworked. Now it inflates faster and deflate even easier. They went with a more direct approach with the connections between struts and LE. No more kinks.
  3. Lighter feel to the kite. They did remove extra Dacron and unnecessary material in the LE and some parts of the canopy. This allows the kite to still be bomb proof but feel more nimble and direct in the sky. Similar to the difference between a carbon board and fiberglass board. It's just that much nicer.
  4. Loops! For those on the intermediate and advance level. The down loops will now blow your mind and create a new addiction. The loft and carry type feel is unmatched. 
  5. Beginner friendly. They were still able to produce a kite that works extremely well for beginners. Anyone can buy this kite at any level and never grow out of it.

       In the end, we trust that when you try the new ones out you'll be craving for your new quiver. Try less and receive more when kiteboarding behind this model.



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