Core Sensor 3 Pro Bar: Overview

Core Sensor 3 Pro Bar: Overview

The lightest, strongest, and most powerful kitesurf bar made from CORE Kiteboarding with Tectanium (r) lines.

The new Core Sensor 3 Pro bar was also introduced with the Core Sensor 3 bar. The Core Sensor 3 Pro kitesurf bar is the best. The Core Sensor 3 Pro bar has been meticulously crafted using only the best and strongest materials.

Core Sensor 3 Pro Bar

The release system is the most significant change in the Core Sensor 3 Pro bar, compared to the Sensor 2 Pro. Core Sensor 3 Pro bars use a CIC (Core Intuitive Connect), Release "push-away” system. You can easily identify the system by the red portion above your chicken loop that you must push away to activate the safety device. Reassemble the safety system by inserting the end of your chicken loop into the CIC system. Core Sensor 3 Pro bars come with a standard loop. For wave riders or wakestyle kite surfers, a rope slider and pro loop can be added.

The Stealth Winders and Live Wire systems make it easier to adjust the width of the lines. This is an upgrade from the Sensor Pro bar. The Stealth winders can be opened to allow you to place the steering lines in the Sensor 3 Pro bars more inward or outward. The Sensor 3 Pro bar can be adjusted in width from 46.5 cm to 50 cm. The Live Wire Floaters have been removed from the Sensor 3 Pro bar. They are located just above the bar, so your lines can move the most natural way possible feeling the kite.

Core Sensor 3 Pro Bar

Griploc is a grip that has been added to the Sensor 3 Pro bar. For the best grip, this grip is thin with elongated grip lines that run across the bar. The Sensor Pro 3 bar is marked with black and white color. The bar's back is marked with a stop sign. This will let you see if you are holding the right or left side of the bar and can save your life after a spin when looping the kite. 

Many things remain the same. The Core Sensor 3 Pro bar has the same super-smooth auto-untwist mechanism. The same cleat system is used for the depower as the Sensor 2S Pro bar. This Core Sensor 3 Pro bar comes standard with the strongest kitesurfing lines available: the Tectanium(r), lines. German lines manufacturer Liros makes the Tectanium (r) lines exclusively for Core. The Core Sensor 3 Pro bar's Tectanium(r), 24 meter lines are divided into 18 + 4 + 2 m. You can try a wide range of lines for kite surfing, and even do the most insane kiteloops with very short lines. You can store the Core Sensor 3 Pro bar in a convenient bar bag.

Core Sensor 3 Pro Bar

Features - 

Lines of 24 Meters (18 + 4 + 2)

Tectanium lines(r)

Carbon with a titanium core

Split High Y

New Core Intuitive Connect QR System

Griploc grips new

New Live Wire floaters

Stealth Winders New

Cleat depower system

Leash included

Bar bag included

Standard loop included

If you are looking to add this control bar to your kitesurfing setup you can find it here!
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