2021 North Astra: Overview

2021 North Astra: Overview

The newest Astra Light rider is one of the most dynamic small boards ever created. North Kiteboarding wanted to create something that would be reasonably portable and very powerful. The Astra is a board that is perfect for bold terrain and it features an entirely new free ride design. The lightweight design makes it perfect for versatility and for lightweight riders that have struggled in the past to find the right size for them. 

2021 North Astra: Overview

North set out to build a board that would be at the maximum range for flexibility. It features a more responsive flex and a lighter weight design for small riders as well as for control in a wide range of conditions. The greater level of comfort in the lightweight board design offers softer landings and no sacrifice to performance. In addition to offering the right amount of flex in controlled situations, it can help with proper loops, boosts and edging along the water. 

The basalt tech on board helps riders to push their boundaries and to take on massive jumps. The bottom shape and the rocker design helps you take on waves without sacrificing highly efficient riding. The board feels extremely fast even under choppy conditions and the medium level of flex provides some of the best pop you will find in any board this year. Even with the massive pop you can get out of the board, you will be amazed at how soft the landing can be. For riders that are seeking a welcome reprieve from knee strain, this could be a worthy upgrade.

The optimization for lighter riders and the setup options makes this one of the best boards for learning. If you are a smaller rider or you simply want more control, the flex pattern and the action on this board ensure comfort under any condition and some much needed support.

The enhanced edge of control ensures very confident posting and the chance to receive a more balanced outline along the flex and rocker. With enhanced edge control it is possible to cut through the water more quickly and enjoy a faster solution for flex in the water under any stance.

2021 North Astra: Overview

The foot positioning is very precise and smaller riders are able to retain control even in choppier conditions. The 20mm adjustment to the stance from their other models is quite noticeable especially if you have never ridden an Astra board before. Learning this position can be different at first but it will eventually feel quite natural. The foot positioning moving inward is a bit different but it is also a solution that is helping many people feel more secure on the water and to feel like they can keep a performance boost as they are maneuvering their board. 

The design and the materials for the 2021 Astra are quite astounding as well. It has a beautiful shape and a color pattern that is quite flashy. If you are looking for a performance board that is sure to get noticed, this is a great choice and it is also a wonderful board for getting new people into the sport too.

If you are interested in learning more about the latest 2021 North Astra model, you should consider checking out the latest stock we have available featuring these models. Contact us today at Elite Watersports to learn more!
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