Core Releases The New Imperator 7

Core Releases The New Imperator 7

Core has just released a new masterpiece board and it's been 20 years in the making. The imperator 7 is one of the greatest boards ever produced with the highest quality materials designed for the ultimate ride. The seventh-generation Imperator introduced a handcrafted quality with some of the highest available technology and materials. 

Core Releases The New Imperator 7

The Imperator 7 can be customized to suit the needs of any rider and made-to-measure to suit your style of riding. Core is producing a kiteboard here that is using technology solutions and some of the very first in unique materials to keep the weight down and offer a greater experience to its riders.

The next level of carbon control delivers a unidirectional fiber strand for the ultimate in strength. It also combines an untwisted level of weave with epoxy binding at a screen matching along with the exact board size. The 30° screen matching along the sides offers an impressive level of strength and the epoxy binders keep this board in check. The evenly distributed and straight fibers complete a full microstructure for the board and a woven fabric that is professionally tested cuts through the water and also offers a superior level of strength. The board is over 100 grams lighter than its previous generation with an improved level of energy transfer, spring and durability. It is an absolute rider's dream!

Core Releases The New Imperator 7

The reimagining of the board ensures an optimal level of performance. The goal of the manufacturer was to produce a board that would have some of the best smoothness even during difficult conditions and some of the best stability. This is the type of board that you can easily take out in a large chop or take comfort in a variety of different wind conditions knowing that you have something sturdy underneath your feet.

The keel of the board also keeps you on course ensuring that you have something that can stand up to strong winds. Even the most rough chop will deliver an incredible level of grip and the double concave on the bottom will Improve takeoff if you plan on rising above the waves. The slightly sharper and drag-reducing under rail profile is a new feature that offers improved speed and less resistance in choppy conditions. 

Through the top level engineering here and the tension that is found in every fiber, you won't find a board with the same degree of spring or strength. Great things happen when companies combine top-level engineering to create some of the best new products on the market. 

Core Releases The New Imperator 7

Under the carbon fiber coating includes the hand selected court which is designed out of a Paulownia wood and million state-of-the-art CNC milling machine techniques. With unique fibers and exceptionally light and long dimensional stability this is the signature core of every one of these boards. The carbon fiber jacket provides a state-of-the-art exterior level of protection that also binds together the wood to improve the level of pop. The wood has been purposely carved to cut down on every possible gram of weight to deliver a legendary level of feeling and comfort that you can enjoy for years to come. 

If you're interested in trying out one of the most revolutionary new boards be sure to come in and ask us about the Core Imperator 7.

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